Pittsburgh Weather: Snow affects some parts of Pennsylvania Tuesday

Pittsburgh Weather: Snow affects some parts of Pennsylvania Tuesday

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — No one was alive the last time Pittsburgh saw warm temperatures to start the month of February. Looking at the record books, there has only been one year (1884 – 43.8°C) in which we have had temperatures as warm to start the month as we see now.

Average daily high: 39 low: 23
Sunrise: 7:17 Sunset: 5:53

Are there any alert days coming up?: no.

Conscious: This is the second warmest start on record (42.2 degrees) to February.

When it comes to modern-day records (starting in 1947 as our weather sensor moved to its current location on the moon), it’s the warmest start on record. Currently, 1999 ranks 11th on the list of warmest average daily temperatures.

The first 12 days of February saw an average temperature of 38.8 degrees. So far this month, our average temperature is 42.2°C. With the warm temperatures, you can see why it’s been difficult to see any real snow this year.

This brings me back to today’s weather forecast, where a day ago the station was calling for Pittsburgh to see over an inch of snow in some locations. The city will be dry this morning. Most of Allegheny County was completely dry, but about 85% of Westmoreland County, along with almost all of south of I-70, saw at least some rain overnight.

The forecast for Laurel, with the eastern side of Laurel extending into the center of the state, is seeing its forecast come true with moderate to heavy snowfall. We were expecting six to eight inches of snow in these areas, and it looks like that will happen at this time. Just because things are dry here, it is suggested that you be careful if you are traveling east along the Pa. Turnpike this morning.

KDKA-TV Weather Center

When it comes to today’s forecast, there is still a chance of some light snow today, but that will come after sunset (5:53 p.m.). I see a cloudy start to our day, with sunshine appearing before noon. Sunny conditions should be around 2pm before clouds return, with light snow likely in the evening. Highs today should reach the low 40s, with morning temperatures in the 30s. I have Pittsburgh dropping to 30 for a low in the morning. Noon temperatures should be near 40 degrees.

KDKA-TV Weather Center

Looking ahead, I only have an isolated chance of snow on Wednesday. I have two systems flying through our area on Thursday and Friday. Both systems will start with rain and then transition to snow. Any snow that tries to stick won’t stay there for more than an hour or so.

KDKA-TV Weather Center

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