Power outage compensation has doubled in Western Australia as Kalgoorlie residents sleep outside to beat the heat

Power outage compensation has doubled in Western Australia as Kalgoorlie residents sleep outside to beat the heat

Compensation for those affected by major power outages in the Perth Hills, Wheatbelt and Goldfields will be doubled, the Premier of Western Australia has revealed, as Western Power technicians work to put more than 7,000 homes and businesses back on the grid.

Roger Cook on Friday announced an increase in extended outage payments for utilities from $120 to $240.

Watch the video above: Residents sleep outside to beat the heat amid power outages in Western Australia.

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Customers who experience a power outage of 12 consecutive hours or more can apply for a one-time payment.

He said it would help people “purchase food and household supplies that may have perished as a result of these outages.”

It comes as technicians work to restore power to more than 7,000 homes in the Perth Hills, Whitebelt and Kalgoorlie – properties that were still off the grid on Friday morning.

More than 30,000 customers lost power on Thursday.

It is hoped that all Kalgoorlie customers will be back on Friday afternoon, although customers in the Perth Hills and Wheatbelt have been warned they will face waits of more than 48 hours.

The Prime Minister said technicians had made significant progress overnight following this week’s summer storms which were “unprecedented in their ferocity”.

Key infrastructure, including five 50-metre towers lifting the 220kV transmission lines and supplying Kalgoorlie, “collapsed like tinfoil” when a “freak weather event” swept through the area.

While repairs to these towers are ongoing, Western Power has been supplying customers using its 132 kV network.

Locals in Kalgoorlie beat the heat by sleeping outside while they wait for power to be restored. credit: supplied/Jeffrey Clinch
More than 7,000 homes remain without power across Western Australia, down from 30,000 homes on Thursday. credit: 7NEWS

Synergy has also repaired a gas turbine generator in West Kalgoorlie which will provide backup power, although intermittent outages have been reported while work continues.

Many in Kalgoorlie chose to sleep outside to beat the heat on Thursday night as they waited for services to be back up and running.

The Kambalda area, about 60 kilometers away, was at capacity and attracted long queues of customers waiting to fill their cars.

It comes as parts of Western Australia, including the Pilbara region, are set to record record temperatures of more than 50 degrees Celsius this weekend.

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