Radar, a leader in the geofencing industry, announces the general availability of its radar mapping platform

Radar, a leader in the geofencing industry, announces the general availability of its radar mapping platform

With full maps and geofencing, Radar becomes the only truly integrated, enterprise-ready location platform.

New York, September 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Radar, Inc., known as the leader in the geofencing industry, proudly unveils its Radar Mapping Platform. The platform includes beautiful vector base maps and a powerful set of enterprise-level geocoding, search, and routing APIs.

By pairing with Radar's Geofencing platform, the company now offers comprehensive location infrastructure for any product or service, making it the only platform to offer full geofencing and mapping functionality.

The emergence of open and affordable mapping solutions

While developers and organizations have historically had many options for mapping and geocoding, current solutions have become increasingly expensive and restrictive over time.

The market is demanding open and affordable alternatives, paving the way for projects like OpenStreetMap, MapLibre, and the Overture Maps Foundation. Radar stands at the forefront of this movement, proud to sponsor and build on many of these projects alongside leading technology companies like Meta, AWS, and Microsoft.

Features of the radar mapping platform

The comprehensive radar platform features:

  • Geocoding APIs: Forward geocoding, Reverse geocodingAnd IP geocoding.
  • Search APIs: Address autocomplete, Address validationAnd Search for places.
  • Routing APIs: distance, MatrixTurn-by-turn directions, route matching and route optimization.
  • Stunning vector base maps in classic, dark and light themes.
  • Easy integration with Radar JavaScript SDK v4.
  • 99.99%+ uptime, 100% US address coverage, and 99% US accuracy, with more international coverage scheduled for 2024.
  • Redesigned developer dashboard.

Compared to more popular existing systems, the Radar Maps platform provides a much more affordable solution. Radar pricing starts at only $0.50 for every 1 k Map uploads and geocoding API calls, up to 90% less expensive than the most common alternative.

In a year when many companies are cutting costs or consolidating vendors, lowering the costs of mapping services enables companies to explore other location-based services such as geolocation.

Brands like Bojangles and Famous Footwear have already turned to the Radar Maps Platform to determine store locations and auto-complete addresses.

Radar is the only integrated, enterprise-ready location platform that powers location-based experiences across the customer journey. Businesses are encouraged to be part of this revolutionary change by switching to the Radar Maps platform.

About radar
Radar (https://radar.com) is a comprehensive location platform. Companies like Panera, DICK's Sporting Goods, T-Mobile, and Zillow use Radar's geofencing SDKs and mapping APIs to power location-based experiences across hundreds of millions of devices around the world. To learn more about Radar Offers, visit Radar.com.

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