Rainfall chances remain high over the next seven days – NBC New York

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  • Humid and warm on Friday after the coolness of the past few days.
  • Stormy days lie ahead, but no single day can be completely cleansing.
  • A quick dry spell next week.

Who ordered summer to start with a side of rain?

Mother Nature seems to have forgotten that the calendar has flipped to summer. It will be another rainy day on Friday – mainly gray with drizzle and some rain.

Although the area has seen rainy weather over the past few days, temperatures turned warmer on Friday — and wetter, too. Isolated storms can be expected over the weekend – but it is important to note that rain will not fall consistently during this unstable weather pattern.

Although each day has at least a 50 percent chance of rain, none of the days are expected to be heavy. This means that some outdoor events — such as games, weddings or high school graduations — can be wet, but they may also be well-timed to avoid rain. Our best bet is to pack for rain and hope to be pleasantly surprised if the rain sticks around long enough.

Rain, and even storms, will come or go on Friday. However, when it hits the area, heavy rains can cause some flash flooding.

Current Friday humidity creeps in somewhat this weekend with dew points near 70 (in the unpleasant/miserable range).

The setup is still such that many of them remain storm-free for most of Saturday and Sunday (even some sun is expected!), but no single spot can be guaranteed. This is fairly good news for those planning to attend NYC Pride March Sunday (although be sure to keep that umbrella handy).

This remains true as the second system maintains rain chances on Monday and Tuesday, before clear skies finally arrive by the middle of next week.

Warmer weather and higher dew points (aka high humidity) continue through next week. Highs stay in the low 80s, so it will be humid considering the high humidity.

Ultimately, it’s not a matter of when it will rain, but how much rain will fall by the middle of next week. By the time all the rain moves in, parts of the Tri-State (particularly in the upper Hudson Valley) could see up to 3 inches of rain. The New York City area and much of the region will see 1-2 inches in total. However, it will be welcome, with much of the region seeing drier than normal conditions so far this year.

We continue to hold out hope for a storm-free day or two next week!

Check the latest weather alerts for your area here, and see the 10-day weather forecast below.

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