Rainfall increases in central Brazil

Rainfall increases in central Brazil

It will be windy in the northern Plains on Thursday as a cold front moves through the region. The system will track to the south this weekend but could bring widespread rainfall to the area, which could be a wintry mix in some areas. Cooler temperatures will follow next week, perhaps significantly.

Dry again for delta

A system in the Gulf has brought rain to southern areas of the delta recently, which may ease the drought a bit. More rain is needed north to prevent the Mississippi River from retreating toward record lows seen in October, which could occur this weekend and early next week as the system moves through.

Central Brazil is getting wetter

Heavy rain continues over southern Brazil while central Brazil has been very dry with temperatures near or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit for about a week. The same pattern continues over the next few days, which is not suitable for most areas. Drought and heat in the center will continue to put excessive stress on developing soybeans and cause the need to replant while moisture in the south causes flooding and problems associated with developing corn and soybeans. The pattern will begin to change this weekend as the system in the south shifts to the central states. This will bring more rainfall typical of the rainy season in central Brazil, although it may not last long. Heavy rain is still expected at times in the south.

Favorable rains continue for Argentina

Scattered rain will fall across Argentina over the next few weeks, bringing good rain to most of the country’s agricultural areas. The country is still recovering from drought, and the northwestern agricultural regions still have larger deficits. However, most parts of the country have seen a positive turn in growth conditions in recent weeks.

Rain waves continue in Europe

The continued bombardment of an incredibly active pattern across Europe continues into early next week. The pattern may change slightly next week with a focus northward and in the Mediterranean, which may include cooler temperatures as well. If so, that would put some northern regions into a state of silence. Most areas are in good soil moisture condition, with some areas increasing. There are smaller areas of limited soil moisture in Spain and the far southeast, but this is not a large area of ​​the continent.

Warmth and occasional rain of the Black Sea

Areas of rainfall continue to move across the Black Sea region at times. Many areas have received good rainfall over the past few weeks, improving winter wheat growing conditions. Warm temperatures allowed much of the area to continue developing roots and extending the season. Some cooler temperatures are expected this weekend, but crops will likely remain active for a while, especially across the South.

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