Red alerts loom over Gujarat’s Maharashtra amid forecasts of very heavy rains

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Friday 15 September: The low pressure system has appeared, with one idea in mind: tourism. After emerging over the Bay of Bengal earlier this week, the system gathered strength before venturing inland as a well-defined low pressure area. Since then, the depression has spread halfway across the country on its ferocious wandering, dumping torrential rains on many eastern, central and even western states.

The system is currently monitoring what is happening in the central states, and is likely to move into Gujarat in the next 3-4 days, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecast. Its prevailing proximity to Madhya Pradesh has already started dumping a significant amount of moisture on Gujarat and Maharashtra, with major alerts issued for both the states.

3-day forecast from Friday to Monday morning.  (TWC Met Team)

3-day forecast from Friday to Monday morning.

(TWC Met Team)

The combination of this depression and two nearby basins will submerge Marathwada Heavy to very heavy rain showers (64.5 mm – 204.5 mm) today, Konkan-Goa, Madhya Maharashtra and Gujarat until Monday (September 15-18), and Saurashtra and Kutch subdivision in Gujarat from Sunday to Tuesday (September 17-19).

But that’s not even the worst of it. Very heavy rain (Greater than 204.5 mm) is expected over northern Madhya Maharashtra tomorrow and Gujarat region from Saturday to Monday, September 16-17. Most parts of these states may witness light to moderate rain or thunderstorms during this period.

The ferocity of the rain swath has prompted the IMD to bring Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada under its umbrella Orange alert (meaning “be prepared”) today. a Red warning (meaning “take action”) Gujarat and Madhya Maharashtra will also prevail tomorrow along with an orange alert over Konkan-Goa.

By Sunday, only Gujarat will retain the red alert, while Madhya Maharashtra and Konkan Goa will be assigned orange warning. The entire state of Gujarat will be under orange alert by Monday.

IMD was also designated as moderate Flash Flood Alert Some watersheds in Vidarbha have received a warning of possible floods in some low-lying areas until tomorrow.

While Maharashtra has accumulated surplus rainfall since the beginning of the month with total rainfall reaching 107 mm (11% increase), a massive rainfall deficit continues to plague Gujarat. The state has accumulated only 28 mm of rain so far this month, meaning a 58% shortfall. It remains to be seen how far the current rain spell will go in alleviating this scarcity.


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