Saint Louis weather forecast | Every hour and 7 days

Saint Louis weather forecast |  Every hour and 7 days

St. Louis forecast

Things are calm now across the St. Louis viewing area, but storms are approaching from the west, and will be here early Sunday morning.

Strom's schedule: West STL Metro – around 3am, STL Metro – 5/6am, East River – 7/8am.

This first round of storms will be capable of producing damaging winds, likely 60/70 mph, and some weak tornadoes. The first round moves east around noon, and if there is enough time between the first and second rounds to reactivate the atmosphere, the second round of storms will be stronger. This second round starts from the west by 2/3pm and continues until 10/11pm Sunday night. Round #2 will be conditional depending on how Round #1 was conducted in the early hours of the morning. Storm risks for Sunday afternoon and evening will include all types of severe weather — the risk of more flooding, several tornadoes, baseball-sized hail, and damaging winds of up to 80 mph. This is a busy weekend for many people, however, they have multiple ways to receive weather warnings tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

Memorial Day (Monday) looks quiet and dry, and we follow that dry pattern into next week with highs reaching near seasonal norms.


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