Sari was under an 18-hour warning of heavy rain that could cause flooding of homes and roads

Sari was under an 18-hour warning of heavy rain that could cause flooding of homes and roads

Homes and businesses have been warned they could be at risk of flooding, as heavy rain looks set to hit Surrey and other parts of the south-east. The Met Office has issued an 18-hour yellow weather warning from midnight on Wednesday (November 15).

Conditions could become treacherous as storm clouds are set to arrive at around 4.15am on Thursday 16 November, with rain forecast at around 8mm per hour in Surrey and up to 20mm expected to fall widely. Rain clouds are expected to spread across the county, with flood warnings issued following the recent wet weather.

Warnings have been issued to drivers that the spray may obscure vision, and possible flooding on roads may pose a danger to vehicles. Drivers are encouraged to make trips slowly and allow extra room for other vehicles while on the road.

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Public transportation, including bus and train lines, may be delayed. Earlier this week, trees were reported on train lines and roads were also closed as Storm Debbie swept through Surrey, causing delays and cancellations of services.

People at risk of flooding should make arrangements such as placing sandbags, moving electrical appliances off the ground, and perhaps even turning off gas and electricity. If you notice any flooded areas, be sure to contact Surrey County Council by clicking here.

Rain will continue throughout the day according to the Met Office, drenching Surrey until late afternoon. The clouds are not expected to break up until around 4pm, as skies could remain clear for about an hour between 6pm and 7pm, when northern parts of Surrey will see patches of rain.

These rains will become heavier, with heavy rain falling across the county starting around 9pm, and not expected to clear until midnight on Thursday (November 16). Friday is set to be clear and dry, but it won’t last for long as more rain is expected in Surrey on Saturday 18 November.

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