Scientists thought that this dinosaur was ordinary, but fossils indicate that it had extraordinary powers of smell!

Scientists thought that this dinosaur was ordinary, but fossils indicate that it had extraordinary powers of smell!

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Imagine existing in the most lawless time in history, your only sense of security being born where food is plentiful and predators are rare. However, despite overcoming these one-sided odds and thriving as a species among fearsome predators like Tyrannosaurus, paleontologists consider you overrated, even going so far as to call you the “neglected lizard.”

the Thescelosaurus was neglected It was a 12-foot-long herbivore that lived in North America 66 million years ago, before the end of the last Cretaceous mass extinction event. He catches with a weight of 340 kilograms T. He was ignored It was almost any other herbivore at the time.

Moreover, he wasn’t great at many things either. Based on the dinosaur’s skull, scientists estimate that it could only hear about 15% of the frequencies that humans can detect, and 4-7% of what modern dogs and cats can hear.

But even the humble Peter Parker looks normal when he’s not swinging around like Spider-Man. Soft tissue reconstruction of Willow’s brain – fossilized T. He was ignored – He showed that he had a set of senses that made him even more special than we thought!

Thescelosaurus had highly developed olfactory bulbs in their brains, larger than any other dinosaur to date. The researchers found that it is comparable to living crocodiles, which can smell a drop of blood from kilometers away, which is nothing less than an uncanny sense for such previously “cute” animals.

But instead of inciting destruction upon the unfortunate, T. He was ignored They used their tremendous sense of smell to find buried plant foods such as roots and tubers. His amazing sense of balance may have helped guide and understand his body position as he dug underground.

In fact, although we can’t fully confirm it, Willow and his species likely spent a significant amount of time underground. This is often demonstrated by their amazing sense of smell and balance, along with their powerful arms and legs. This may also explain why they are selected for good cognitive and hearing abilities.

“The idea that maybe there were dinosaurs living under their feet T-Rex The triceratops is awesome. Whatever happened, we now know for sure T. He was ignored “It’s not boring,” explains study co-author Lindsay Zano.

The results of this study were published in Scientific reports It can be accessed here.


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