Snow and cold temperatures forecast as Arctic air moves east

Snow and cold temperatures forecast as Arctic air moves east

Cities in the Northeast and Midwest braced for another round of cold weather and slippery commutes, with Arctic air expected to flow eastward on Friday and Saturday, along with some snowfall.

A few inches of snow will fall in parts of the Midwest, mid-Atlantic states, and Northeast. Snow totals should remain on the moderate side, with two to four inches in most places and a few pockets of about a half-foot in mountainous areas of the central Appalachians.

Officials warned commuters that snow and falling temperatures could make roads dangerous by Friday evening. In Columbus, Ohio, teams Thursday night Clearing main roads in preparation for snowfallAnd School classes have been cancelled. Philadelphia A state of emergency was declared due to snow on FridaySchools, libraries and health centres It was closed. Passengers must allocate additional flight time in case of delay, The city’s airport said Friday.

Slippery conditions, especially in the evening, are also expected in New York, which ended its snow drought this week and will again see more than an inch on the ground.

Snow may start off lightly in the morning but will increase and become more widespread throughout the day. This will be a snow event for the area, but where the heaviest snow will accumulate is still somewhat uncertain.

Snowy conditions have already caused travel disruption and other complications. The landing at Rochester Airport did not go as planned when an American Airlines plane coming from Philadelphia skidded off the runway. American Airlines said in a statement that no injuries were reported, and attributed the accident to “snowy airport conditions.”

In New York, football fans were asked to help remove snow from Highmark Stadium seats before Sunday’s NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs.

Warming centers in Chicago will also be open to residents this winter when temperatures drop below 32 degrees. Officials said.

High temperatures on Friday across the Plains and lower South will be 20 to 25 degrees below normal. Although the weather is not as cold as the Arctic outbreak earlier in the week, it will still be colder than many people in those areas are used to. Cold weather will continue in the Plains and South on Saturday and creep east, with temperatures falling below average up and down the East Coast.

On Sunday, temperatures will begin to moderate across the country. By the middle of next week, temperatures across much of the United States will be near or above average, with most major cities across the country seeing temperatures once again rise above freezing.

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