Snow emergency in Boston, school closed in Massachusetts – NBC Boston

Snow emergency in Boston, school closed in Massachusetts – NBC Boston

The city of Boston declared a snow emergency and canceled schools ahead of Easter on Tuesday.

“The best forecast right now is that snow totals will likely reach between 8 and 12 inches,” Mayor Michelle Wu said Monday. “Rain will fall heavily during the morning commute, starting early in the morning and likely continuing throughout the afternoon tomorrow. That means we are making the call today for Boston Public Schools to be closed tomorrow.”

The snow emergency will go into effect at 10pm Monday.

“This means that parking bans will be in effect on posted roads and major arterials to ensure we can keep streets clear of snow and available for emergency vehicles,” Wu said.

For residents who typically park on those streets and have a resident parking sticker, Wu said a list of free or discounted garages can be found on the city’s website. Wu said garages will open two hours before the snow emergency begins.

Residents are reminded that parking in Boston Public Schools parking lots during snow storms is not permitted. Wu said the cars will be towed.

“I know it’s annoying when that happens, but our goal is to make sure we can get out of there as quickly as possible, and be as efficient as possible at clearing the snow, so that we can be back and ready to go on Wednesday. ‘Good morning,'” Wu said. “We want to make sure the kids go back to school on Wednesday morning.”

Wu urged residents to stay off the roads on Tuesday “where possible” and “make plans to stay home.”

“This seagull will be fast, but it will be strong. In addition to the snow and wind, the storm is consistent with astronomical high tides, so there is also the potential for some coastal flooding risk as well,” the emergency chief said. Jascha Franklin Hodge Streets.

Boston has about 38,000 tons of salt ready for use, Wu said. She added that the Ministry of Public Works will treat the roads before any snowfall. In addition, there are 850 pieces of snow removal equipment “ready to hit the streets to remove that snow.”

Boston Youth and Family Centers, Boston Public Library branches and city buildings will be closed Tuesday.

Emergency shelters will be open 24 hours during the storm and will accept entry, Wu said.

When you have a winter like this without a lot of storms, any snowfall can be a big problem. However, Boston hasn’t seen more than four inches of snow in more than two years.

“Although this amount of snow is greater than we have seen this season, our teams are prepared to ensure that all of our residents will be able to get through the expected storm safely,” Wu said.

Massachusetts expects up to a foot of snow in some areas, including Boston. There is an expectation that we may experience strong winds along the coast, near blizzard conditions on the South Shore and the possibility of power outages.

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