Snow is expected to fall on Thanksgiving weekend

Snow is expected to fall on Thanksgiving weekend

Black Friday

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Light snow falls on Colorado Avenue and Evans Avenue on December 10, 2021.

Winter wastes no time getting into Deaver after the Thanksgiving festivities.

A significant snow and cold storm is expected to begin Thursday night and last through Saturday, with temperatures in the teens and impacts on travel over the busy weekend, meteorologists with the National Weather Service in Boulder said.

Denver will have a beautiful couple of days before Thanksgiving; High temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday are 54 and 67 degrees, respectively, about 15 degrees warmer on Wednesday than the average temperature for this time of year.

Thursday will begin a cool-down period with a drop of 20 degrees to 47 degrees, but the day will be dry and mostly cloudy.

Thursday night is when the real action is expected to start.

There is about an 80% chance of snow falling at that time and continuing into Friday.

Temperatures will see another drop of 20 degrees on Friday as well, reaching 26 degrees on Friday and Saturday. The minimum temperature on Friday night is 14 degrees.

Overall snowfall forecasts, preferred locations of the highest accumulations and the exact timing of storms will become clearer over the next couple of days as the weekend approaches, meteorologists said.

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