Snow is heading to New York City after record warmth

Snow is heading to New York City after record warmth


Love isn’t the only thing in the air for New Yorkers heading into Valentine’s Day.

After record warmth, the city is in for some wintry weather as temperatures drop and snow falls Tuesday, with one to several inches likely across the metro area and more expected to hit parts of New Jersey and the Hudson Valley.

Meteorologists are closely monitoring the potential for an easterly shift and how much accumulation the city will get, with up to 4 inches possible in the metro area Monday night into Tuesday.

“It’s still up in the air,” Fox Weather meteorologist Cody Proud told The Washington Post. “There will be a boom or bust.”

Proud noted that the city was “burned” by the recent snowstorms that surrounded the Big Apple.

New York broke a 700-day snow drought with the first storm of the season on Jan. 16, but it hasn’t been hit hard so far this year.

Accumulation on Tuesday will depend on whether the storm collects enough cold air as it heads north to quickly turn from rain to snow.

New Yorkers will face some weather extremes in the coming days as the city moves from record weekend temperatures into a possible Tuesday. Billy Becerra/New York Post
As the storm intensifies, it will benefit from cooler air and the rain-to-snow transition will determine how many inches fall in the Northeast. Fox Weather

“We’re watching the line of rain and snow swing back and forth,” Proud said.

Widespread, moderate to heavy snowfall is expected from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts. A winter storm warning was issued Saturday for Catskills and Hudson counties, which could get 6 inches or more, and for Hunterdon, Morris, Sussex, Warren and western parts of Bergen and Passaic counties in New Jersey, which could see up to 7 to 12 inches of snow. . No warning has yet been issued to the city.

It should start in the Big Apple around 4 a.m. Tuesday and last through the afternoon.

Temperatures will drop into the twenties Tuesday night.

Seasonal temperatures hovering around 40 will return by Valentine’s Day, after dozens of record temperatures across the country in recent days.

If heavy snow falls for most of Tuesday, several inches could accumulate in the five boroughs and on Long Island. Paul Martinka
Meteorologists are monitoring the likelihood of this happening, and how much accumulation the city will get, with the possibility of around four inches. Fox Weather

John F. Kennedy Airport recorded 60 degrees on Saturday, surpassing last year’s 56 degrees. Central Park was just short of the record, reaching 59 degrees, compared to last year’s reading of 61 degrees.

The past Valentine’s Day weeks have brought more heartbreaking weather than there is this year.

The 2007 blizzard brought 40 inches of snow to New York City and temperatures dropped to zero in 2016.

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