Social media is reacting to another weather delay in Kennick

Lightning delay people! Lightning delay!

That’s right Iowa State fans and all other curious minds reading this piece. For the second year in a row, Iowa State experienced a weather delay in its third game of the season. Nearly a year after the late-night fiasco against Nevada last year, the Hawkeyes find themselves making a premature return to the locker room this time against Western Michigan.

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Unfortunately, the game hasn’t gone the Hawkeyes’ way yet, so we can’t even hope for a cancellation like last year. Iowa State finds itself down 7-0 to the Broncos after giving up a big 64-yard pass from Treyson Bourget to Anthony Sambuchi.

Naturally, facing one of the worst statistical defenses in the country so far this year, the Hawkeyes look completely lost on offense. Kid McNamara looks hurt and unsure, much like me when I wake up in the morning.

The offensive line also seems to have absolutely no interest in blocking anyone, because frankly, who needs to? Truly, this was one of the most disappointing starts to the game for Iowa. This is where the Hawkeyes should be rolling, not playing catch-up.

And now, we have a fleeting delay. We should all be sitting here collectively with our thoughts and being angry. Of course, anger can lead to comedy. Just like we did last year — but hopefully with fewer delays this year — here are the best social media reactions to the ongoing weather delays at Kinnick Stadium.

Revenge of the hurricanes?

Yes indeed

Bring the dog!

Maybe…provide a spark?

The real question

Not the weatherman!

I bet they’re all parents too

Blame it for the bad weather as well

I’m waiting for this day?!

I already got my blanket with me

Mother Nature opens the door

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Creed

Hawk Nation, always find the positives

Iowa City*

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