St. Louis weather radar and forecast

St. Louis weather radar and forecast

Check satellite radar for St. Louis and surrounding counties in Missouri, Illinois and the world. This interactive map also lets you track storms, snow, rain, temperatures, road weather, dew point, wind speed, UV index, wind chills, earthquakes, and lightning. Check your settings for the latest tornado alerts and flood warnings.

FOX 2 Weather Resources:

What type of radar does FOX 2 use? Where is it located?

FOX 2 uses the National Weather Service's Doppler radar, known as WSR-88D. The radar is located at the National Weather Service Forecast Office (NWSFO) for the St. Louis Region located at the Missouri Research Park in Weldon Spring, Missouri, off I-64 west of the Daniel Boone Bridge.

What type of weather do we get in St. Louis?

Being located in the middle of the country, the St. Louis area can experience all types of weather, from deadly tornadoes to rain, drizzle and fog to extreme cold and snow.

Who is a member of the FOX 2 and KPLR 11 weather team?

FOX 2 Chief Meteorologist Glenn Zimmerman is joined by Chris Huggins, Angela Hoti, Jaime Travers and Linh Truong. John Fuller is KPLR-TV's chief meteorologist. They bring a wealth of experience when covering the weather in St. Louis and the surrounding areas.

Glenn Zimmerman is FOX 2 News' chief meteorologist. He has been forecasting the weather in St. Louis for more than 30 years. When his head is not in the clouds, he is interested in photography and music, and has competed in several triathlons.

John Fuller came to St. Louis in June of 1983, and recently celebrated 30 years of covering weather in St. Louis. Despite its longevity, John says, “Just when I think I have a handle on the weather in the St. Louis area, a new problem appears, like the drought of 2012 or the tornadoes of the spring of 2013. With the weather constantly changing, we must adapt and adapt as meteorologists.” .

Chris Higgins was born and raised right here in the St. Louis area. He has a lifetime of experience dealing with our wild weather and will never forget the bitterly cold winters of the late 1970s, the “Blizzard of '82”, the “Drought of '88” or the “Great Flood of '93”.

You can see Angela Hutti on FOX 2 on Friday and Saturday evenings. They also fill in for KPLR. Additionally, Angela is a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues.

Jaime Travers can be seen on TV weekends and weekday mornings in St. Louis. Her interest in weather developed from her fascination with hurricanes. Her father's childhood home in Chesterfield was destroyed by an F4 tornado in January 1967 that struck Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, and Maryland Heights in St. Louis County. This made her wonder “why does the weather happen.”

Do we chase storms?

Technically, yes. But more accurately, we weather the storms! If you're chasing storms, you're already too far away! In order to properly cover severe storms, you should always stay ahead of them while avoiding their path. It's also important to remember that we have a very powerful zoom lens on our rooftop camera that allows us to make storm clouds 15 miles away look like they're right outside the window. Often times, the most visually appealing video of severe weather is from a safe distance, which is what we always strive for.

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