Stores are reporting increased sales of devices to beat the heat

Fans and air conditioning units continue to fly off the shelves as Barbadians do their best to keep cool during unbearably hot days.

Talking to Barbados today On Monday afternoon, Fiberpol sales manager Ren Ruck said several energy-conscious people visited Newton Plantation Yard, Christ Church’s business, to purchase Streamline units with inverter technology.

“The majority of customers are looking for comfort in their bedrooms and lounges, where they can relax and enjoy the comfort of the air-conditioned space,” he said, adding that others have also chosen to place them in living and dining rooms and “man caves.”

Fiberpol sales manager Ren Ruck said air conditioning units with inverter technology are the first choice for consumers.

At the Do It Best Sheraton Hotel, sales representative Chris Carter said devices that help people cool down were top sellers.

“The days are very hot, and everyone comes to buy fans and air conditioners. People just want to cool off,” he said.

Most consumers come in for 16- and 18-inch fans, while others with larger pockets opt for air conditioning units, he said.

“A lot of people have inquired about portable units and window units as well,” he said, noting that the portable devices were easy to install and “as long as the room is properly sealed,” they provide quick relief from the problem. High temperatures.

Do It Better Sheraton sales representative Chris Carter said Lasko fans are a popular purchase.

Shari Lewis of SK Fashion said fans were the best choice for customers who wanted to keep cool and keep mosquitoes away.

“People were saying ‘just give us the fan; It’s so hot outside.” They want it to be strong enough so it can keep the heat and mosquitoes out because dengue fever is on the rise right now. “We’ve definitely seen an uptick in selling fans here,” she said.

At the Sheraton Repair Center, Robert Gibbs reported “fantastic” fan sales “since this hot period began.”

“We also sell a lot of hand fans to people who are going to church or an indoor event and want to be cool,” he added.

Barbadians have been warned that high temperatures will continue for almost the rest of the year.

According to the latest monthly climate forecast newsletter from the Barbados Meteorological Service, the “heat season” is expected to end around November, and temperatures are expected to rise above normal until the end of the forecast period. (GB)

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