Storm Babbitt live stream: Ice warnings have been issued from the Met Office as flooding could last for days

Storm Babbitt live stream: Ice warnings have been issued from the Met Office as flooding could last for days

Storm Babbitt: The plane skidded off the runway at Leeds Bradford Airport in severe weather

New flood warnings are expected to remain in place until next week, after heavy rain brought by Storm Babbitt left hundreds of properties under water, the Environment Agency said.

It was confirmed on Sunday that Maureen Gilbert, an 83-year-old grandmother who died while trying to flee her flooded home in Derbyshire, is one of seven people killed during weather-related events since Storm Babette made landfall.

Meanwhile, the Met Office has issued further overnight ice warnings, which will remain in place in Scotland and northern England until 9am on Monday.

In England, where more than 1,250 properties were flooded, Nottinghamshire County Council urged residents in 500 homes to evacuate, as it declared a major incident in Retford due to rising water levels along the River Idle.

The Environment Agency said more flood warnings are expected to be issued in some of the worst-hit areas over the next week, although warnings have been lifted for severe flooding, which means the risk of death or serious injury.


The Met Office says Storm Babet is no longer affecting the UK

The Met Office said Storm Babbitt was no longer affecting the UK.

“Storm Babet is no longer affecting the UK. The storm brought some heavy rain and strong winds to the UK from Monday to Saturday last week.

A spokesperson said: “The weather this week continues to look unsettled with more rain and rain at times, but nowhere near the extremes that occurred last week, which is more common for this time of year.” The Independent.

Members of the Coast Guard rescue team helped residents in Brechin

(PA wire)

Alexander ButlerOctober 23, 2023 at 10:07


The Scottish Prime Minister visits flood-hit Brechin

Scottish First Minister Humzah Yousaf will visit flood-hit Brechin today to inspect damage caused by Storm Babbitt.

During his visit, Mr. Youssef is expected to meet residents affected by the floods and thank volunteers, local authority employees and emergency services personnel who played a role in the evacuation process.

It comes after a Brechin county councilor urged the Scottish Government to increase funding for the area and warned it could take “years” to resolve the damage.

Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf will visit flood-hit Brechin today

(PA wire)

Alexander Butler23 October 2023 08:54


It will take “years” for the flood damage to be resolved.

Flood damage from Storm Babbitt could take “years” to resolve, a local councilor said.

Conservative councilor Gavin Nicol, who represents Brechin, said: “I can tell you the ramifications of the floods will take months and years to resolve.”

“Unfortunately Angus Council does not have the resources to do this job, it needs to protect residents.

“We really need funding from the Scottish Government in order to protect and resettle our residents. Some will be gone for months, if not permanently.

A woman wades through floodwaters while holding on to her belongings after Storm Babbitt hit Brechin, Scotland

(Palestinian Authority)

Alexander Butler23 October 2023 08:41


Highland train lines are facing major disruption

Two Highland train lines will experience major disruption as works are carried out to repair damage caused by Storm Babette over the weekend, ScotRail said.

She previously tweeted: “Almost all routes are open tomorrow (October 23), normal services will resume but some early morning services from Fife will be disrupted.”

The number of people killed in incidents linked to deadly Storm Babbitt has risen to at least seven after a woman was found dead in her home in Derbyshire.

Alexander Butler23 October 2023 07:48


People most affected by floods may see ‘quieter days’

People most affected by flooding caused by Storm Babette could see a “couple of quieter days”, the Met Office said.

Monday’s settled weather may allow for some respite and a chance for recovery, according to Met Office spokesman Dave Britton.

“There is a band of rain heading north overnight later Monday and into Tuesday, but the rest of the week looks to remain somewhat unsettled with rain at times,” he added.

Andy GregoryOctober 23, 2023 07:01


Watch: Storm Babbitt’s winds lift the forest floor in stunning footage

Storm Babbitt’s winds lift the forest floor in stunning footage

Andy GregoryOctober 23, 2023 06:01


“It shouldn’t get this bad at all,” says the son of the woman found dead in Derbyshire floods.

Paul Gilbert, who found the body of his 80-year-old mother after floods hit her home in Derbyshire, told Sky News: “It seems like nothing has ever been accomplished. We are building more and more houses.

“The country cannot handle the amount of water that is coming down. We should be able to survive 24 hours of rain. It shouldn’t get this bad at all.”

“Rivers must be clean, they must be dredged, they must be widened, they must be cleaned.

“It’s unfortunate. He’s probably the only person this has happened to.”

He added: “Yes, Fire and Rescue might have been able to do more, but if she was gone, she would have already been gone. There is nothing else.

“But for me, coming and finding her myself was the most upsetting thing for me. I didn’t want to find my mother.”

Maureen Gilbert, 83, was found dead by her son and grandson after they became alarmed when her street in Chesterfield was flooded.

(Gilbert Family/SWNS)

Andy GregoryOctober 23, 2023 05:06


Scottish Council receives hundreds of donations for residents affected by the floods

Angus Council said it had received an “overwhelming” response to an appeal for accommodation for people unable to return to their properties due to damage caused by flooding brought by Storm Babbitt.

The call for clothing and toiletries for those affected by the floods has also led to hundreds of donations, the local authority said, which has been hit by two rare “red alerts” for rainfall this week – the first issued by the Met Office since the storm. Dennis in 2020

Angus and Aberdeenshire were badly damaged by floods

(Andrew Milligan/PA)

Andy GregoryOctober 23, 2023 04:04


Hamza Yusuf visits the flood-hit city of Brechin

Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf will visit Brechin on Monday to see where the South Esk River burst its banks and flooded dozens of homes last week during Storm Babbitt.

Residents living on River Street were first alerted to the risk of bodies of water overtopping local flood defenses on Thursday as heavy rain caused water levels to rise rapidly.

In the early hours of Friday, emergency services intensified their efforts to move people from their properties as water began pouring down the sides of the defenses and flooding the street.

Shelter centers were established in the town for individuals and families who were forced to leave their homes, and residents did not begin returning in large numbers until Sunday to assess the damage that had occurred.

Mr Youssef is expected to meet flood-affected residents during his visit and thank volunteers, local authority staff and emergency services personnel who played a role in the evacuation operation.

Sandbags were photographed next to the collapsed river wall on River Street in Brechin on Saturday

(Palestinian Authority)

Paul CargillOctober 23, 2023 03:05


Watch: Dogs play with sea foam as Storm Babbitt reaches the UK

Dogs play in the sea foam as Storm Papt hits UK

Andy GregoryOctober 23, 2023 02:04

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