Stormy skies give way to sunshine to start the week in Houston

It’s been nice to sit and watch the rain fall over the past few days. I sincerely hope that sometime late last week or over the weekend you took time to sit and watch the clouds roll in and the rain soak the dry ground. The recent stretch of unsettled weather has raised water levels from an inch to nearly 3 inches in most areas, with Bush Intercontinental receiving 2.26 inches of rain and Hopi receiving 1.25 inches since September 14. The weather pattern this week is characterized by a return to mostly dry conditions, especially until mid-week.

Monday will be noticeably more “fall-like” across Southeast Texas. After a cold front passes over the weekend, northeast winds will help keep dew points in the 50s to near 60. Highs will remain in the lower to mid 90s, which is a little warmer than we typically see this time of year. However, lower dew points combined with a light breeze may actually allow a high of 93 or 94 degrees to be closer to 91 or 92 degrees.

Highs on Monday will be in the lower to mid 90s, but it “looks like” temperatures will be a few degrees cooler due to the return of northeasterly winds and a drier air mass.


The winds will begin to shift early Tuesday to a southeasterly direction. When you’re getting the kids ready for school or you’re ready to tackle another day at work, the day will start in the 70s. Highs will be nearly identical to Monday, with most areas away from the immediate coast reaching the lower and middle 90s. You may notice a slightly more humid feeling Tuesday afternoon, but it should still be fairly comfortable if you’re hoping to take an evening stroll.

Isolated storms by midweek

Tuesday will likely be the last completely dry day for the Houston area, as rain chances will gradually return to Southeast Texas by Wednesday. Wednesday’s storm chance does not appear to be widespread by any means. In fact, most locations will only see a 20 percent chance of rain or a passing storm, even along the coast where rain chances tend to be a bit higher. Most areas will see dry weather every day, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep an umbrella with you.

Highs will continue to be a few degrees above average over the coming weekend, but shouldn’t be more than about five degrees or so. Excessive heat seems to be a thing of the past, at least this week. It’s safe to say that our days of triple-digit high temperatures are likely over for the season, as the last high of 100 degrees or more occurred in late September.

The rudeness starts creeping in again

Just because we’re pausing at triple-digit temperatures doesn’t mean we’ll be completely moisture-free. Southeast winds by Wednesday will bring dew points into the upper 60s, with higher dew points possible by Thursday and Friday. What does this mean for you?

Dew points begin to rise by midweek and could reach below 70 degrees by September 21.

Dew points begin to rise by midweek and could reach below 70 degrees by September 21.

Axial weather

Not humidity: We talk a lot about humidity, but did you know there is a better way to measure humidity in the atmosphere?

That means our high temperature of 93 or 94 degrees will end up feeling more like 97 or 98 degrees by the end of the week. This isn’t the worst considering the hot summer we’ve endured, but it’s not ideal news if you want to break out the flannel and go to the pumpkin patch.

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