Strong to severe storms are possible this evening and tonight before heavy rain

Strong to severe storms are possible this evening and tonight before heavy rain

*Update at 5pm*: Strong to severe storms are currently present north and west of the viewing area. There is nothing in the viewing area currently, but strong storms may enter the area within the next 3-4 hours. They will be threatened by hurricanes, strong winds and hail.

a ***tornado watch*** It was issued until 11 p.m. Strong to severe storms will be possible later this evening and tonight as a storm system makes its way into our area. Make sure you have a way to receive warnings. Our weather app will send you notifications any time a warning is issued for your area. You can download it from here.

Tonight and tomorrow: Rainfall chances will remain low until the evening. That will change quickly after dark. This is the time when the greatest threat of severe storms will occur. After midnight, the threat of storms and rain will fade as a cold front arrives across southeastern Louisiana. This will give way to dry, but cloudy conditions by dawn. Morning temperatures will be in the 50s.

As for severe weather, southeastern Louisiana is at slight risk (2/5) to enhanced risk (3/5). The best chance for severe storms will be along the I-10/I-12 corridor and north. Severe weather is most likely from 6pm to midnight. All extreme risks will be possible. This includes scattered damaging winds in excess of 60 mph, isolated tornadoes, and the threat of low-lying hail.

This system also offers a chance for some beneficial rain. A quick 1-2 inches will be possible in the evening and overnight storms.

Storm Station will be with you live and online from start to finish, sharing the latest information you need to know about this storm system.

the nextTemperatures will drop throughout the day on Tuesday after a cold front blows in the early morning. Clouds will persist throughout the day. Temperatures are expected to be below average in the middle and end of the week. Your turkey day can also be a bit wet. We are seeing another disturbance that could bring some rain to southern Louisiana on Thursday. There will be another chance of rain next Monday. Since that is still far away, the details will change.

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Tropical regions: Previous satellite wind data indicated that a small but well-defined area of ​​low pressure in the central Caribbean Sea was producing winds of 25-30 mph. However, rain and thunderstorm activity associated with this system remains disorganized, and nearby dry air is expected to prevent much additional development as the system begins to slowly drift westward over the next few days.

A low pressure area is developing along the frontal boundary to the southeast of Bermuda. This non-tropical low is expected to move southeastward across the subtropical central Atlantic above warmer sea surface temperatures over the next few days, and environmental conditions appear favorable for this system to gradually acquire tropical characteristics. A subtropical or tropical storm could develop by the latter part of this week, as the system continues to move eastward followed by a turn toward the northeast by the end of the week.

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