Summer pregnancy products to help you beat the heat

Summer pregnancy products to help you beat the heat

The wall of cool air filled me with sweet relief as soon as I walked through the doors. I didn’t care about entering a house owned by people I didn’t know well. Outside, it was over 90 degrees, I was almost seven months pregnant, and the house had a cool, crisp breeze from the central air conditioning — even if it smelled a little like old people.

It was a hot July day a few years ago, and an old family friend had generously offered up the guest bedroom because the stifling heat was making me feel sick in the non-air-conditioned cottage where my husband and I were staying.

Why does summer always seem hotter when we’re pregnant? Belly sweat, breast sweat, and chafing of arms or thighs seem to be exacerbated when you’re harboring another human being inside you. With the summer heat in full swing, we wanted to round up some of our editors’ favorite pregnancy products to help you stay cool if you’re pregnant this summer — check out our picks below.

Editor’s Note: Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding use of the product during pregnancy.

Alta Beauty

Gently wipe over skin or underarms for a quick cleanse with a refreshing mint effect.

Elf Glitter Eraser Blotting Sheets


Dab drops of dry forehead or sweat over lips with these blotting papers. Get a pack of three for under $10.

Megababy anti-friction thigh rescue stick


Apply it between your legs or wherever you rub like deodorant, and it will last for hours.

Black Girl sunscreen SPF 30

Black girl sunscreen

Sunscreen is always essential, and on hot, sunny days, a good sunscreen (reapplied often) does the hard work of keeping your skin protected. This oil contains sunflower oil to protect against irritation caused by sun exposure, and blends well with all skin tones.

Honey Pot Sensitive Feminine Wipes


Do you feel like you need a little refreshment between the legs? These wipes for sensitive skin are enriched with botanical ingredients.

Supergoop defense update


A combination of sunscreen, facial mist, and makeup setting spray, you’ll get the best of all three with this product.

Shea Moisture daily moisturizing facial wipes

Alta Beauty

At the end of a long, hot day, washing your face can sometimes seem like overkill (at the end of pregnancy, it’s like a HIIT workout). These wipes can clean and refresh your face without having to sweat it over the bathroom sink. Pro tip: Keep it in the fridge for a calmer way to get ready for bed.

Megababe Bust Dust Antiperspirant Spray


Summer boob sweat was bad enough — add pregnancy boobs, and you might need a few extra drying routines. This mist acts like a handy baby powder to absorb already existing sweat and keep you dry for hours.

Ice roller


Place the detachable head of this editor-favorite item in the refrigerator so you always have it handy.

9 colors available

Stanley narrates


Stay hydrated all day long with an ice cold drink in a large insulated cup with straw.

Many colors available

Small fan for cell phone


Connect it to your phone to cool it on the go. One of our writers, Jacqueline, took this with her everywhere when she was pregnant a few summers ago.

Mini cart fan


A multi-purpose product and an editor favorite, take it everywhere now and add it to the stroller once baby arrives.

Prime Day neck fan


This portable neck fan will allow you to stay cool even during the hot summer months.

Portable air conditioner

home depot

Yes, this is the biggest item on this list, but nothing beats an air conditioner in the sweltering summer heat. If you live without an air conditioner, this portable option cools up to 300 square feet of space.

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