Summer Sun: Beat the Bengaluru Heat: A Summer Survival Guide for Commuters | Bengaluru News

Summer Sun: Beat the Bengaluru Heat: A Summer Survival Guide for Commuters |  Bengaluru News

BENGALURU: The hot summer may not bring any spike in sunstroke, but Bengalureans on the road are not spared from other ill effects of the weather that leave them with tears in their eyes. Doctors indicated that long hours of sleep, yogurt, lemon juice, and tender coconut water are the best ways to get rid of dryness, dust, and intense sunlight while on the go. Interior designer Arjun AJ travels about 60 kilometers from one location to another every day, returning home exhausted and ready for bed. “The heat seems to burn my skin and eyes every day. I have now started using dark curtains to block light from entering my room. Every day, I put some conditioner on my head and go to sleep. The hot water bath is replaced with a cold bath. Alcoholic drinks have been replaced with non-alcoholic drinks When catching up with friends,” he said after putting all his dark clothes on the shelves and taking out all his white clothes. “To deal with the morning sun, I started In wearing sunglasses. But the same option is not available at night, as weather-induced dehydration causes dirt to accumulate when riding at night and leads to whistling. The heat trapped in the white-surfaced roads doubles my fatigue. I find it difficult to even open my eyes when I wake up in the morning, and I have to rinse them well. His counterpart who shares a similar experience chooses to stay hydrated using yogurt and tender coconut water every day.Tight and cumbersomeDr Adarsh ​​Nayak, consultant physician and head of internal medicine department at TriLife Hospital, said the city may not see a high incidence of heatstroke, but the most common condition is heat exhaustion – a moderate heat-related illness involving the muscles. She said that profuse sweating, nausea, dizziness, headaches and even fainting are signs of exhaustion, adding: “In heat exhaustion, the body is able to regulate temperature through sweat and mortality is low.” The affected person should be moved to a cooler place, hydrated, sip a potassium-rich drink, offered a potassium-rich drink – ORS, ventilated to cool, and not wear tight clothing. Doctors said that among those most affected were delivery agents, drivers, workers and marketing specialists, who have to be outside to work, and recommended avoiding the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. He has not noticed any cases of heatstroke this month compared to the five cases he saw in the pre-pandemic month of March 2019, and he believes the reason is increased awareness among urban residents, coupled with aspects such as working from home post-Covid-19.

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