Sun-filled Tuesday, warming up tomorrow – Finger Lakes Weather

Sun-filled Tuesday, warming up tomorrow – Finger Lakes Weather

Weather forecast for Tuesday, February 6, 2024, clear sunny skies
Expect skies to be sunny all day with partial sunshine on Wednesday and Thursday. Rain is not expected until perhaps Friday. (Took by Roberta Trusillo at Seneca Lake State Park)

Weather forecast for mid-week

High pressure strongly controls the weather over the Finger Lakes.

The day will be full of blue skies and sunshine. It will be very difficult to access the withdrawal. The best chance for some fluffy clouds will be late afternoon or early this evening.

Temperatures will remain manageable due to the light northerly flow. Afternoon highs will be mostly in the mid to upper 30s.

Wind speeds will be around 5 mph during the day before becoming nearly calm this evening. Temperatures will drop back into the 20s with colder pockets possible.

There will be more cloud cover on Wednesday, but there should be plenty of sunshine as well. Clouds will be denser during the afternoon hours. No precipitation will fall.

Winds will remain mostly calm throughout Wednesday. Just the loss of the northerly breeze will be enough to cause temperatures to rise, with highs in the low to mid 40s.

The southerly winds will be active Wednesday night until Thursday, causing temperatures to rise further. Low temperatures on Wednesday night are expected to be around 30 degrees, while high temperatures on Thursday afternoon will reach around 50 degrees.

Thursday will likely start with some sun, but clouds will increase and thicken during the afternoon. The day should end mostly cloudy or overcast.

Southerly winds and clouds will carry temperatures into the upper 30s Thursday night.

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Finger Lakes weather forecast for 7 days, Tuesday, February 6 |  Tuesday, mostly sunny mid 30's  Wednesday, AM Sun Most Evening Clouds Mid 40 |  Thursday morning sun evening clouds near 50 |  Friday, a few showers low 50 |  Sat, a few showers near 50 |  Sun, partly cloudy low 40 |  Monday, partly cloudy above 30
This figure represents the average for the entire Finger Lakes region. Local variations should be expected. Click to enlarge.

Just a few showers

Precipitation will return to the picture on Friday and Saturday as low pressure passes from the upper Great Lakes region into eastern Canada.

The first chance for a few showers will come Friday morning. This will be light and intermittent, and not all places will see rain. After a lull in the middle of the day, more rain will be possible in the afternoon. Again, these will not be as widespread, and you will miss some areas again.

Southerly winds will continue on Friday at breezy speeds approaching 10 mph. However, wind gusts should generally remain below 25 mph. Temperatures will rise into the low 50s.

Rain chances are a little higher on Saturday, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a bad day. Most areas are expected to see at least a little rain.

Temperatures will remain moderate, with highs reaching around 50 degrees. However, the rain will be accompanied by a weak cold front that will lead to a gradual cooling.

Sunday looks mostly cloudy with westerly winds and highs dropping into the lower 40s. Monday will be cloudy, and although very uncertain at this time, there could be some showers in the area. Temperatures will ultimately depend on the path of the low pressure system in question.

Temperatures will continue to drop next week with highs remaining in the 25-35 degree range for mid-February. Despite the return of cold air, the pattern still looks relatively dry with a little snow on the patterns.

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This figure represents the average for the entire Finger Lakes region. Local variations should be expected.

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