Synthony in the Domain: Tickets, weather and musical extravaganza at the Oakland Domain by the numbers

Synthony in the Domain: Tickets, weather and musical extravaganza at the Oakland Domain by the numbers

It will pack nearly 35,000 people Oakland field tomorrow for Synthony – One of the biggest events in the history of the field. A small town was built to hold the wonderful concert. Shane Currie reports.

This time last year, the main fields of the Auckland Domain were under water, with watersheds soaking through – first – thousands of tons of water during the weekend floods, and then – a few weeks later – in the wake of Hurricane Gabriel.

Tomorrow, an estimated 33,000 to 35,000 will gather on the same grounds – now restored to its full glory – for Synthony in the Domain, one of the largest events ever staged in Auckland’s sprawling central park.

Organizers say the event, whose attendance numbers are expected to be a big step up from last year’s already impressive 20,000 attendees, represents further progress in turning the event into an internationally recognized extravaganza, similar to the way London used to be. Hyde Park and New York City use Central Park for concerts and major events.

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“It’s exciting – I’m excited!” Duco Events President David Higgins said as he drove the car Announce Around the place in the golf cart on a Friday morning.

Duco Events president David Higgins in front of the towering Synthony Theater at the Auckland Domain.

The finishing touches have been put in place for what is essentially a mini-town — by tomorrow, there will be more than 50 food trucks, along with party and dance areas, food and wine areas, an amusement park area, a silent disco and dozens of hospitality tents and businesses.

At the front, the massive Synthony stage and its side screens rise above a huge open grass area, where live music starts from 2.30pm, culminating in Synthony No. 5, from 9pm.

Work on the stage began more than a week ago. Tomorrow, he’ll host the likes of Peter Orlich, Tiki Tan and Fat Freddy Drop, and that’s even before the main event, a spectacular orchestral dance and dazzling light show.

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“We’re creating a small town, the purpose of which is joy and magic. Synthony’s goal is to move you like never before,” Higgins said.

Announce Reviewer Dan Boyd described last year’s event as “magical.”

“The screens at the side of the stage carried a dazzling display of geometric patterns and vibrant colours. The orchestra delved into its complex rhythms, as strings and brass weaved in and out of beats with effortless precision. It’s an absolutely stunning experience – it’s no wonder this concept is expanding around the world and continuing to improve.” .

The event has certainly come a long way since 2,000 people came to City Hall in 2017.

Now Synthony is a truly national and international event – ​​staged in various venues across New Zealand and now sold overseas, showcased in Singapore and other countries. There is great interest from Middle Eastern countries and beyond.

Sir Dave Dobbin performing at Synthony in the Domain in 2023 – crowd numbers will almost double for this weekend's event.  Photography/Jared Donkin, Radlap
Sir Dave Dobbin performing at Synthony in the Domain in 2023 – crowd numbers will almost double for this weekend’s event. Photography/Jared Donkin, Radlap

For Duco, this is their biggest music event. They have organized and helped lead several major sporting events – the Joseph Parker and Anthony Joshua boxing bout in the UK with 80,000 people in attendance and the NRL Nines with more than 40,000 fans at Eden Park – but these were in established stadiums.

Synthony and the location of the domain bring their uniqueness and charm.

Higgins was on the field at the last minute this morning. There are still some tickets left, but not many – VIP tickets are sold out, but VVIP and GA tickets are available.

The weather forecast is looking good – there may be some scattered showers in the afternoon, but temperatures should reach 26°C.

Synthony in the field – in numbers

  • Attendance of 33,000+ fans
  • 7 km of fence
  • 30 tons of production equipment
  • 65,000 liters of water to keep attendees hydrated
  • 10 electricity generators
  • 16 light signs
  • 12 days for packing/packing
  • 22 refrigeration units
  • 3500 bags of ice
  • 700 food and beverage employees
  • 51 food trucks
  • 389 guards
  • 500 toilets / 100 luxury toilets
  • Synchronized lighting of the Sky Tower and Auckland Harbor Bridge to the Synthony Collection
  • $1.7 million production
  • Giant LED screens with an area of ​​350 square meters
  • Synthony collection of 32 tracks
  • 320 lights
  • 12 giant laser lights
  • 153 artists/performers
  • 55 members of the orchestra
  • 27 members of the choir
  • 8 drummers
  • 4 stilt walkers
  • 4 drag queens
  • 2 Drag Kings
  • 5 salsa dancers
  • 5 large custom light sculptures designed by Angus Muir

Synthony – everything you need to know

Herald entertainment reporter Lily Rohan With the rundown:

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When will it start?

Gates open at 2.30pm with the first official show from DJ Dick Johnson, hitting the decks at the same time.

John Butler will play from 4pm before other shows continue. The last song will be played before 11pm, and the show ends at 11pm.


MetService currently expects the maximum temperature to reach 26°C and the minimum to reach 16°C.

The weather is expected to be cloudy most of the time, with the possibility of scattered rain in the afternoon.

Who is performing?

The heart of the festival will be Synth No. 5 conducted by Sarah Grace Williams, with guest performances from talented and in-demand musicians including multi-platinum award-winning British drum and bass player Rudimental Live and Kiwi legend Tiki Tani.

Elsewhere, the festival, which will be split over two stages, will include performances from local favorites such as Fat Freddy’s Drop, Australian legend John Butler, soloist Prins and new group Synthony No.5, with more exciting acts to surprise us. Appearances at night.

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Here is the full set list so you don’t miss any of your favorite works:

Synthony in the Domain is back for another year of fun.
Synthony in the Domain is back for another year of fun.

Parking and transportation

Like all major events in Auckland, it is recommended to take bus, train, ferry or bike to the Domain to avoid any unnecessary vehicle congestion. However, if this is not possible for you, Auckland Transport advises you to arrive early to secure the park as there will be restrictions in place around the Domain and the perimeter of the park.

Quick tip: If you’re driving to an event, don’t try to park as close as possible. “The farther you park, the faster it will go away,” AT says. For anyone using public transportation, please allow extra time.

For bus, ferry or train timetables and information, go to or call Auckland Transport on 09 366 6400.

Synthony in domain sitemap.
Synthony in domain sitemap.

Road closures

In preparation for this event, roads will be closed from 7 a.m. to midnight on February 10. Parking restrictions will also be in place throughout the area from 7am on February 9 until midnight on February 10.

For a full list of road closures, please check here.

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What should I bring?

With summer temperatures expected to reach 26°C and the possibility of rain, attendees planning to head out early in the day should pack sunscreen, a sun hat and water in their day pack as well as a waterproof jacket or coat.

The event will feature a Stonewood Homes Wine and Food Village for a delicious selection of food and beverage options, including cocktail bars and 51 food trucks, however, if you want your own emotional support drink bottle on hand, you can bring an empty plastic bottle or water bottle Stainless steel and free filtered fresh water is available on site.

For those who enjoy a dance after a meal, ZM hosts a silent disco, so wear appropriate dancing shoes.

Finally, with roving entertainment – ​​including four-legged walkers, light installations, amusement rides and more, you’ll want to bring your camera or smartphone to capture all those smiling moments, because there truly is something for everyone.

What not to bring

Synthony in the Domain once again has a no BYO policy this year, with any alcohol brought in confiscated – and that’s not the only rule. You are also not permitted to bring in food or beverages purchased off-site or from home. Umbrellas are also prohibited.

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