Temperatures of 60 F and 70 F are in the New Jersey weather forecast

Temperatures of 60 F and 70 F are in the New Jersey weather forecast

We will fluctuate between the highs of 60 and the highs of 70 almost every day this week. Monday was the coldest day, so we will be around 70 degrees on Election Day. And then, we’ll go back and forth between the two.

If you’re voting on Election Day, the weather should encourage us. Hey, maybe you could take a walk to the polls if you’re close enough. I used to do this on comfortable days like today.

Morning lows will be in the 40s for Port Republic and inland. Brigantine and Beach will be in the mid-50s. It will be windy at the beach at the beginning of the day.

The first of four El Niño winters will likely bring a different set of weather conditions during the season. El Niño is caused by higher than average water temperatures off the coast of South America along the equator. Meteorologist Joe Martucci looks into the causes of El Niño and what it means for temperatures in the eastern United States this winter.

We will have a bit of a breeze coming from the southwest during the day, around 15 mph. This will pump out warm air. Higher temperatures will respond. Highs will be around 70 degrees at the beach and mid 70s inland. It will be a shirt, maybe even shorts, and the weather. All of this will come with a combination of sun and clouds.

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South Jersey has yet to see peak fall foliage. However, some places further inland are close to the peak. Meteorologist Joe Martucci explains the current 7-day fall foliage forecast. Plus, it explains why colors weren’t as vibrant yet.

Tuesday evening will be nice, reaching the 60s and 50s under mainly clear skies. A cold front will pass and there will be no rain with it; It will be very dry. However, the winds will come from the northwest. By Wednesday morning, low temperatures will reach the 40s everywhere, even on the beaches.

Zooming out, this just continues the temperature fluctuation from Monday to Friday.

The temperature on Monday was around 60 degrees, and on Tuesday it will be around 70 degrees.

We’ll turn around on Wednesday, cooling to around 60 degrees thanks to a cool front passage and developing northwest winds.

But a warm front will rise on Thursday. This means that warm winds will blow from the southwest. The weather will be similar to Tuesday, with highs in the 70s and 75s again.

The only thing that ties all these days together is the lack of rain.

We will be back around 60 degrees at highs on Friday, with a number of spots only in the mid 50s. Another cold front will pass. But this time it may come with rain.

If it rains, it won’t be enough to wash. The outside plans should be pretty good, especially as far north as White Horse Pike you go.

An early look at the weekend shows we’ve stopped raining on Saturday and Sunday, but the cold weather remains. Highs should end in the mid to upper 50s, which will be seasonal for mid-November.

My thanks also go to the North Cape May Seniors Group for hosting me at their meeting on Monday morning. We talked about the lack of snow last winter (most people were happy), and the forecast for next winter. Nearly 60 people attended. it was a nice day!

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