Terry Rozier is finding his role with the Heat with an eye on the playoffs

Terry Rozier is finding his role with the Heat with an eye on the playoffs

Rozier made seven of his 12 shot attempts, one of his most efficient nights with Miami.

Last Sunday after a loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, new Miami Heat guard Terry Rozier was hard on himself after another ineffective night as a shooter, making seven of his 17 attempts. He was even telling the media after the game, “I can’t take a quick shot,” but he figured the only way out of this predicament was shooting his way out of it, which is what he did on Tuesday when the Heat won. Orlando Magic, 121-95.

Rozier finished the game with 18 points on seven of 12 shot attempts while also recording seven assists and collecting six rebounds. He told ClutchPoints after the Miami win that it was his “Biggest critic” The most important aspect for him was winning, which led to hardship for himself.

“I’m getting there. I’m my biggest critic, but I know things will turn around. That’s the beauty of it,” Rozier said. “I’m a human being, and that’s part of basketball. But the most important thing, as I said, is that we look at the win-loss columns. I want to win. This is the most important thing.”

Rozier talks about Miami playing to their identity

The win over the Magic for the Heat was a breath of fresh air as it was one of the most complete games the team has played in a while as they allowed just under 100 points while scoring just over 120. Rozier said after the win that they played to their identity.

“That’s kind of the identity of our team, just trying to find the best shot,” Rozier said. “We have a lot of players who can create for themselves and create for others, and we play well with each other. So we keep looking to do that.”

There was no doubt that Rozier had to adapt to the Heat’s style of play because his usage with the Charlotte Hornets wouldn’t translate right from the jump. However, he said Miami is “very connected” to the amount of talent the team has and that “they’re going to be tough to beat.”

“I mean it’s great. We’re just playing winning basketball. Very connected,” Rozier said. “You know, we’ve got a lot of talented players that play hard and we’re going to be tough to beat.”

Jimmy Butler talks about Rozier’s role with the Heat

One of the team’s key leaders, superstar Jimmy Butler, was very complimentary of Rozier for what he can do with the team to get over the hump. One of the most important traits for Buttler to realize is that the former Hornet should not worry too much about “making sure everyone gets” the ball and that the 33-year-old will handle it and find him opportunities.

“He’s straight. We knew that. We always ask him to come in and be himself,” Butler told the media about Rozier. “Don’t worry about making sure everyone gets the ball. I’ll make sure everyone has the ball, including him. Be aggressive, throw the ball in and out of the basket as much as you can, that’s his role that will help us win.

Although it was an impressive win for the Heat as they won their regular season series over the Magic, there is little time to rest as they prepare for Wednesday’s finale as they take on the 10-win San Antonio Spurs. However, Rozier told ClutchPoints that it is “Hard to win” Any night.

“It’s hard to win every night, so we’re not looking at this other team’s wins or losses,” Rozier said. “You know, it’s a job that has to be done and we have to come out on top.”

Miami is 27-24 on the season which puts them in seventh place in the Eastern Conference. Wednesday’s game against San Antonio is the third contest in their current four-game homestand that concludes Sunday afternoon against the Boston Celtics.

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