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Today tonight: Unfortunately, all the good wet weather remains in the north this afternoon. For us, here in the Brazos Valley, only a few clouds were able to move over the area. Temperatures rose back into the mid-90s across the region. As for tonight, expect the lower warmth trend to continue overnight, as we start tomorrow with temperatures in the low to mid 70s. The sky will remain partly cloudy during the night, with light southerly winds.

Low: 72 degrees

Wind: South 5-10 mph

Credit: Matt Farrell

Lows will be around 70 degrees overnight.

tomorrow: Expect temperatures to climb back into the upper 90s across the region. As moisture continues to accumulate from the Southeast, we could also look for heat index values ​​to jump below 100 degrees. Winds will be light, from the southeast, keeping the moisture flowing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any of this moisture will show up as rain, as we’ll also stay dry tomorrow.

High: 97 degrees

Wind: South 10 – 15 mph

Credit: Matt Farrell

Dew points will be humid to hot during the week, with heat index values ​​over 100 degrees.

Credit: Matt Farrell

High temperatures will range between 95 and 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon.

extended: High pressure keeps skies clear and temperatures high throughout the week. However, this weekend, the ridge is being pushed outward by an approaching trough. This will increase rain chances and could lead to slightly cooler weather as we wind down the weekend and head into next week.

Thursday: Mostly sunny with a high around 96 degrees. Winds are southerly at 10-20 knots.

Friday: Partly cloudy with a high around 95 degrees. Winds are southerly at 10-15 knots. Chance of rain: 20%

Saturday: Partly cloudy with a high of 96 degrees. Winds are southerly at 10-15 knots.

Sunday: Mostly sunny with a high around 97 degrees. Winds are southwesterly at 10-20 knots. Chance of rain: 20%.

Monday: Partly cloudy with temperatures rising to around 91 degrees. Winds are southeasterly at a speed of 5-10 knots per hour. Chance of rain: 40%.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with a high of 92 degrees. Winds are northeasterly at a speed of 5-10 knots per hour.

Credit: Matt Farrell

Temperatures will be in the mid 90s with rain chances returning this weekend.

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