Thanksgiving weather: Major storm disrupts holiday travel with rain, snow and severe storms

Thanksgiving weather: Major storm disrupts holiday travel with rain, snow and severe storms


Big storm will Thanksgiving travel was dealt a blow this week, with rain, snow and even severe thunderstorms Affects a large portion of the United States.

This week is expected to be the busiest in years The roads and airports could set new records – that is Headache-inducing weather this week It couldn’t come at a worse time.

The chaotic system will extend from the southern Plains into the Mississippi Valley on Monday and spread rain across much of the central United States. Fortunately for travelers at the beginning of the week, this rain is not expected to be heavy in most areas.

But a different threat has emerged and could disrupt travel to parts of the Gulf Coast late Monday afternoon as the storm moves east: severe thunderstorms, including possible tornadoes. Severe weather, although most common in the spring, can occur at any time of the year if there is enough warmth and moisture in the air.

Destructive thunderstorms broke out Monday afternoon in East Texas, where the weather is very humid and warm. These storms will follow Louisiana and Arkansas and move into Mississippi Monday evening into early Tuesday morning.

Damaging winds and hail are likely within any of the severe thunderstorms on Monday. Several tornadoes are also likely, especially across Louisiana and Mississippi.

New inputs of atmospheric energy and a strong increase in moisture will increase storm impacts on Tuesday and lead to the most widespread and impactful weather of the week.

Problems will begin early Tuesday morning in the Southeast, where the threat of severe thunderstorms will be highest in southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Storms can produce harmful wind gusts and possibly a tornado.

The rain expands eastward throughout Tuesday and extends to parts of the mid-Atlantic and the southeast, where it falls heavily at times. These heavy rains are unlikely to lead to widespread flooding, but may accumulate on some roads or in low-lying areas.

Breezy conditions will develop across the East on Tuesday, especially in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. The combination of gusty winds and heavy rain could disrupt airport operations in large hubs in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Winter weather will pose another challenge for holiday travelers in parts of the Northeast on Tuesday. Rain will mix with sleet and snow when precipitation begins to fall across elevated terrain in Pennsylvania Tuesday morning and southern New York Tuesday afternoon.

This wintry mix will extend into parts of Vermont and New Hampshire Tuesday evening and turn mostly to snow in some areas Tuesday night.

Snow accumulation Tuesday night will be largely limited to the highest elevations in the Adirondacks and the Green and White Mountains.

Snow could hamper travel in New England on Wednesday

Weather travel impact forecast for Wednesday, November 22, 2023.

Air travel disruptions may not be as widespread Wednesday as the storm Tracks slowly off the East Coast and inland influences begin to fade.

Roads could be slippery or covered in snow in parts of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire Wednesday morning following wintry weather Tuesday night. More accumulating snow will arrive in Maine on Wednesday as a wintry mix continues across Vermont and New Hampshire.

Rain will taper off throughout the day in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and most of New York, but will continue in the Carolinas and parts of the Southeast.

For travelers across the west, the weather will be perfect for travel on Tuesday and Wednesday with high pressure taking over almost the entire area.

Thanksgiving will be considerably cooler and drier across the central and eastern United States as cold Canadian air settles in in the wake of the storm. However, this cold air flow will bring lake-shaped snow showers downwind into the Great Lakes region.

The weather is expected to be dry during New York City’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade Thursday morning, but some breezy conditions may persist. The popular display balloons are usually launched close to the ground on a breezy day and higher off the ground on a calm day.

Elsewhere, some rain could fall on the Texas coast, while to the west some mountain snow could bring fresh powder to higher elevations in the northern Rockies.

Weather conditions will generally be calmer for travelers across the eastern half of the United States returning home after Thanksgiving celebrations on Friday, but the weekend may not be as dry.

Another storm may develop and move off the East Coast over the weekend. Showers and possible wintry weather are possible across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. It’s still too early to know exactly how this storm will develop, or even if it will develop, but details will come into focus by mid-week.

Travelers to the west should have another period of favorable conditions as high pressure continues.

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