The 10 coolest places to be during the summer in Florida

The 10 coolest places to be during the summer in Florida

As temperatures rise during the summer months in Florida, finding ways to stay cool becomes a priority. With high humidity and scorching temperatures, many people seek refuge indoors for the summer. However, Florida has some great inland places And Outdoor options to beat the heat.

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From beaches to parks, museums to natural springs, Florida has endless possibilities to keep people cool. Get ready to beat the Florida heat in the summer with these refreshing and exciting places.

1 Jenny Springs, Claremont

Photo by Alan Youngblood on Unsplash

People diving in Jenny Springs, Florida

Jenny Springs is a water park located in Clermont, Florida. It is a natural spring that flows into the lake and is considered a major tourist attraction. The spring offers 75 acres of recreational activities, including a lazy river, a playground, and activities like water skiing, fishing, swimming, and even diving. Rental cabins in the area allow visitors to stay for an extended period and experience the tranquility of nature away from the scorching summer heat.

2 Venice Pool, Coral Gables

Venice Pool, Coral Gables, Florida
Photo by Danielle De Palma, licensed under Wikimedia Commons

Venice Pool, Coral Gables, Florida

The Venetian pool in Coral Gables is a perfect way to beat the Florida heat. It also offers a unique swimming experience as this is a historic site in itself, but its features and design are also stunning. This historic pool is open-air and features cascading waterfalls, caves, and even a sandy beach. Not only is this pool perfect for cooling off, but it’s also a great place to relax, camp, and have fun.

3 Clearwater Beach, Clearwater

(Clearwater Beach, Florida).
Image by Kaninori from Pixabay

(Clearwater Beach, Florida).

Clearwater Beach offers an opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. Visitors can swim, sunbathe and enjoy the famous soft white sand at the beach. There are also areas for snowboarders and cyclists, but as far as water activities are concerned, visitors can enjoy water skiing, parasailing and stand-up paddling in the crystal clear, calm waters.

The beach promenade offers many restaurants (particularly seafood restaurants), bars and shops for visitors to explore, as well as giving people the chance to watch a stunning sunset. Clearwater Beach is the perfect place for a summer vacation away from the heat of the city.

Head to Pier 60 in Clearwater Beach at night, where the night festival is held in the area. Visitors can enjoy live street performances and handicraft stalls, among other things.

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4 Silver Springs State Park in Marion County

Glass-bottom boats at Silver Springs State Park, Florida, USA
Image by Jackdude101, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Glass-bottom boats at Silver Springs State Park, Florida, USA

Known for its crystal clear springs, Silver Springs State Park provides a refreshing respite from the scorching Florida summer heat. Spending the summer at Silver Springs State Park in Florida provides a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of nature as well. Visitors can swim, snorkel, or take a glass-bottom boat tour to view underwater ecosystems. Visitors considering an extended stay can stay in the park’s cabins. Interestingly, the park is home to Silver Springs, which was Florida’s first tourist attraction – hence its historical importance.

5 Disney World, Orlando

China Pavilion at World’s Fair at Epcot Center, Disney World

A summer trip to Disney World, Florida, provides a magical way to keep cool and enjoy the fun of the theme parks. Visitors can cool off from the heat by riding on different waters while enjoying the sights. Indoor attractions like 3D shows and character meet-and-greets are among the best things Disney World does in the world, providing a unique and exciting experience for visitors looking for indoor shade and air conditioning without compromising on the fun.

There are also restaurants, shops and entertainment, making Disney World the perfect summer vacation destination and a great break from the sun.

6 Lake Jackson, Sebring

Lake Jackson Sunset, Sebring, Florida
Stock struggle

Lake Jackson Sunset, Sebring, Florida

Lake Jackson, Florida provides a calm and refreshing escape from the heat during the summer. Known for its clear waters, the lake provides an ideal place for swimming, boating and fishing. Visitors can explore the calm waters on a kayak and observe the local wildlife. The area also includes hiking trails to navigate through the lush vegetation and enjoy viewing the many insects found in the area (for curious wildlife enthusiasts, of course). Overall, this tranquil lake allows visitors to reconnect with nature and provides a respite from the summer heat.

There are many private beaches and cliffs at Lake Jackson. However, there are three public beaches available for swimming. Visitors can enjoy the public beach at Veterans Beach, located at the north end of the lake, along with Hidden Beach, located near Faith Lutheran Church. There is also City Pier Beach west of downtown Sebring.

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7 Everglades National Park

Alligator in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA
Image by Kayo Ports from Pixabay

Alligator in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA

Taking a summer trip to Everglades National Park offers many ways to keep cool in Florida — but this place is unique; It is the perfect place to explore the natural beauty of the Sunshine State. This park is known for its diverse ecosystem, including mangrove forests, wetlands and estuaries.

Hiking, choosing the best airboat tours to explore the Everglades’ waterways, or taking a guided tour to observe Everglades wildlife up close, are among the many things to do in one day in Everglades National Park. The park gives visitors a wonderful, educational experience and a unique and exciting way to enjoy nature during the summer.

8 Kennedy Space Center

A rocket shuttle at Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island
Photo by AK on Unsplash

A rocket shuttle at Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center is one of the best ways to beat the heat in Florida during the summer while exploring the wonders of space and science. From learning the history of space exploration to seeing real rockets and spacecraft, there’s a lot to experience on a day trip to the Kennedy Center (especially if you’re traveling from Orlando).

Outdoors, visitors can tour the space center and observe a rocket launch if it happens. Visitors enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of the visitor center and other indoor attractions while cooling off. A summer at Kennedy Space Center is sure to be educational and a relief from the summer heat.

9 Volcano Bay World, Orlando

Ohyah and Ohno water slides at Universal's Volcano Bay water park in Orlando, Florida
Image by Jedi94, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ohyah and Ohno water slides at Universal’s Volcano Bay water park in Orlando, Florida

Florida’s world-class Volcano Bay offers a compelling and refreshing way to beat the soaring heat during the summer. This is one of the best water parks in Florida and features many water rides and attractions. The park also has multiple dining options where visitors can relax with a drink, making it a fun way to beat the Florida summer heat while enjoying a water ride in the sun.

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10 Blue Spring State Park, Orange City

Manatee at Blue Spring State Park in Florida
Image by Mwanner, licensed under Wikimedia Commons

Manatee at Blue Spring State Park in Florida

Spending the summer at Blue Spring State Park offers a refreshing and scenic way to keep cool (it’s located just 30 miles north of Orlando). The park is home to crystal clear springs, which remain cool, providing an ideal place for swimming, snorkeling and even diving while enjoying the scenery. Visitors can camp overnight and enjoy fire pits and nature. The area is also frequented by manatees in the winter.

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