The 2023 County Fair lost more than $133,000 | News, sports, jobs

The 2023 County Fair lost more than $133,000 |  News, sports, jobs

It was so hot during the county fair last summer that it wasn’t just the dogs performing that were panting. The exhibition witnessed a significant decline in attendance due to the hot weather.

It’s been a very tough year for the Faribault County Fair in 2023, and at the annual meeting of the Faribault County Agricultural Society, which runs the fair, fair board members and others learned just how bad it was.

Overall, the cost of the fair put the Fair Board on the hook for a negative $133,768.

This came out by simply having income of $78,199 and cost of sales (expenses) of $142,708.

Then there was another $69,259 in expenses such as repairs, maintenance, insurance, utilities, advertising, paying judges and more.

The approximately $133,768 loss was erased by a transfer of funds from the Ag Association in the amount of $128,200, and then another transfer from the Ag Association in the amount of $2,000.

This brings the show’s final net loss to $3,568.

What is the reason for the significant decrease in income this year? The fair board had one major answer.

Extremely hot weather kept people away.

“It was miserable” said one fair board member. “People didn’t want to go to the fair when it was so hot.”

Example of loss in runway results. The fair took in $13,080, while the tractor pull cost them $12,679 and the rodeo cost them $19,500.

The cost of all other entertainment around the fairgrounds during the four days of the fair was just over $80,000. Most of these events are free to the public, and the gallery took in just $2,683 from them.

Same story for carnival. The fair board got $1,127, but getting it there cost them $21,701.

The beer garden was one of the few places to bring in money, with the fair taking in $11,233 while the beer cost $4,325.

During the Fair Board meeting, held after the Ag Association’s annual meeting, the election of Fair Board members was held.

Current Board President Marilyn Prange and current Secretary Robin Stenzel have both been nominated for President. Board member Rob Tvedten, who nominated Stenzel, said he believes it is time for a leadership change.

Prang was re-elected by a 6-5 vote. Stenzel was re-elected secretary and David Murray treasurer.

Tvedten and Joe Stivermer were serving as co-vice president, but both declined to run for re-election. Darrell Murray was nominated and elected Vice President.

During the Ag Association’s annual meeting, former Fair Board Member Milt Steele raised several concerns and issues with the Ag Association Board of Directors.

There was concern that the Ag Society and Fair Board were not adhering to the open meeting law.

He was also concerned that his postcard informing him that the annual meeting was being held had arrived on the same day. He pointed out that it must be sent by mail ten days before the meeting, according to the bylaws.

Board members said they would investigate whether they needed to follow open meeting laws, and also said the postcards were mailed once they were printed and addressed.

They also promised better notice of the annual meeting next year.

Another of Steele’s concerns was with the construction of the 4-H show ring, and the fact that the Fair Board helped pay for it and was never paid back.

“The fair board wasn’t supposed to help fund the project, but in the end they put up the money to get the project done.” Steele said. “I think it was supposed to be paid back.”

The Ag Society’s board of directors said they will investigate that issue as well.

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