The 8 best weather apps in 2024

The 8 best weather apps in 2024

The weather these days is brutal. Although the best mapping and navigation apps work well, sometimes you need a little extra assurance, and this is where weather apps work their magic. Although the Google Weather app is available on the latest Android phones, the service can be fickle at times, so it pays to have a few viable alternatives. If you want to stay dry or avoid the worst of the summer heat, take a look at our collection of great weather apps designed to keep your eyes on the sky.

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1 NOAA weather and tides

The NOAA Weather & Tides app uses data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), one of the most trusted weather sources. The NOAA app may not look like the best, but it has a lot of useful data, like current conditions, summaries of the next couple of days, and an interactive map. This map has several layers and different layouts that show you the data you want. It also lets you track the weather for multiple locations. There’s a built-in widget for quick viewing on the go.

2 The weather today

A collection of screenshots of today's weather, one in portrait mode and one in landscape mode

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Today Weather is one of the most popular apps among Android Police readers, and for good reason. The app’s sleek and simple interface makes it easy to use. The data can be easily displayed on a single scrolling screen that contains a lot of information such as the current temperature, air quality index and much more. The app lets you choose from 12 data sources, including Dark Sky and Xiaomi, and each data source and verbiage are slightly different. There are also 23 customizable widgets, so you’ll see the exact data you need on your home screen. The Today app is free but has some premium features, including additional data sources, advanced alerts, and more map layers.

3 radar

MyRadar takes a different approach when displaying the weather by making the radar the focal point. The main screen is a radar map containing current conditions and weather forecasts for the next two hours and days. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find selectable layers to enhance your experience and deliver the precise insights you’re looking for. Adding too many layers makes the interface look cluttered, and modifying data isn’t the most intuitive, but the animations in this app are very smooth. MyRadar also lets you explore Mars and the stars using a digital model and photos as well as a game called Star Citizen. The premium version of the app gets rid of ads and has a larger map. There are additional extras, like a hurricane tracker that you can add for an additional fee on top of the premium fee.

4 Overprojection

Overdrop is a newer weather app that has already earned an Editor’s Choice award on the Play Store. There are quite a few things to like about this app. The first is the fun and simple interface, which can be customized with several themes. Another reason is the sheer number of widgets, there are more than 60, which contain a variety of aesthetics and data to suit any home screen. You can also choose from three data sources for your weather data, including the beloved Dark Sky. In addition to customizable themes and widgets, you can customize persistent notifications so they display the data you want, the way you want. The app is free with some ads, and a paid professional tier is available. The Pro tier adds a weather source, access to more widgets, more themes, radar, and more. It also gets rid of ads, which is nice.

5 is an app for those who want as much weather data as possible. Windy has some great information presented in a really nice way, but it’s not the most intuitive app. It contains many weather models and shows that data in a high-resolution satellite and composite Doppler map. It contains unique information such as snow depth, wind gusts, wind accumulation, and more. It also has surf, swell and tide forecasts for those who live near the ocean. Some features and data are part of the premium version, but if you know what you’re doing, you can get a lot more from Windy.

6 Windfinder: Wind and weather map

Windfinder: Wind & Weather Map is a more practical application for detecting severe weather conditions, and is useful for fishermen, surfers, sailors and other marine navigation practices. Track tides with real-time forecasts and wind speed readings in your preferred unit of measurement. Users enjoy advance notifications regarding weather warnings and other serious weather events that may impact their business. The interface was developed for ease of use while working, and accommodates wet hands with comfortable sensitivity. If you’re looking for a trustworthy app to watch your back while sailing, Windfinder: Wind & Weather Map is a solid choice.

7 Weather channel

The Weather Channel keeps you informed of weather events in your area, including storm warnings, hourly updates, and weather forecasts 15 days ahead. Multiple radars allow you to track rain and snowstorms, and can be viewed through the home screen widget. All this information can be accessed from one detailed menu compiled for maximum convenience. The Weather Channel has reliable features for tracking your local weather, especially if you want to plan ahead.

8 Local weather and climate data

A great local weather forecasting app, Local Weather and Climate Data provides a detailed radar view of weather data, collected from sources in your area for greater accuracy. The app also indicates wind strength, temperature, humidity, and air pressure at your location. Local weather and climate data is great for ascertaining weather conditions where you live. Recommended.

Getting weather forecasts is a breeze with the best weather apps for Android

The weather has a huge impact on your life, so not paying attention to it can have a detrimental effect on your happiness. It is always better to be cautious and check the facts on your favorite Samsung phone before setting off. Take control of your adventures and enjoy the great outdoors with our easy-to-use Android car mounts. We’re keeping an eye on the latest weather apps on the Play Store, so check back for more next month. Take care there.

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