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Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your travel days are over for the year. Autumn is a great time to travel, as temperatures drop and crowds tend to thin out at popular tourist spots. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the spoils of fall or escape the chilly breeze with a trip somewhere warmer, find a destination in the list below.

1. Stowe, Vermont

Stowe has been called the Color Capital of New England, so it’s no wonder why it’s on this list. Foliage lovers will have plenty to enjoy, but they’ll also be able to enjoy beautiful fall hikes and drives, strolling down Main Street to enjoy the village’s small-town charm and take home some real Vermont maple syrup. For the best fall foliage, visit before November, and remember to pack for cold weather.

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2. Munich, Germany

Fall travelers shouldn’t miss the most famous beer festival on Earth, Oktoberfest in Munich. But there is plenty even for those who are not beer fans. Attendees can attend parades, enjoy entertainment rides, and people-watch as throngs of revelers dress in traditional clothing, sample delicious German foods, and more. Oktoberfest runs throughout September and into early October.

3. Azores Islands

This autonomous region of Portugal is known as the “Hawaii of Europe” and is famous for its volcanic landscape. Visitors can enjoy black sand beaches, thermal springs, delicious local food and wine, and wonderful walking trails. While fall is hurricane season in the Atlantic, the Azores experiences less frequent and less severe storms than the Caribbean. But visitors should still pay close attention to the weather forecast when traveling to this location.

4. Cairo, Egypt

Since the weather is cooling down a bit and the peak travel time has not yet begun, Egypt is a great place to visit in the fall. Popular tourist sites, such as the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, may be less crowded in the fall. The cool (albeit still warm) air will make walking around the crowded streets of Cairo more comfortable and visiting all the desert sites you want to visit.

5. Alaska

If you’re not averse to cold weather, Alaska is gorgeous in the fall. By the end of October, the state begins the long winter, but there is still plenty to see and do, such as viewing the Northern Lights, skiing and dog sledding. Before winter arrives, visitors can catch the gorgeous foliage (best viewed before the end of September) and have the chance to enjoy the gorgeous hiking trails for themselves. Animal lover tip: Don’t miss the elk migration, where elk travel a 1,600-mile migratory loop during October.

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6. North Queensland, Australia

September to November is spring in Australia, and the later in the year you visit, the temperatures will be warmer. Travelers can enjoy temperatures of up to 80 degrees in October and November, making it a great time to swim and explore. You’ll have the opportunity to snorkel or dive the Great Barrier Reef, hike the lush landscape and enjoy the gorgeous spring flowers.

7. Hanoi Vietnam

Autumn is the end of the monsoon season in Vietnam, so visitors will experience drier and cooler weather. It’s a great time for tourism, and foodies will love walking the streets of Hanoi and tasting the delicious street food the city has to offer. For great shopping, be sure to visit the city’s Old Quarter, and history buffs won’t want to miss a tour of the city’s historic temples.

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