The best iOS 17 apps with standby support and interactive widgets

With iOS 17 finally available, BGR Brings together the best standby apps and interactive widgets on the home screen – two of the most important features of this software update. While we’ve already collected Apple Watch apps that take advantage of the new watchOS 10 release, here’s our list of the best apps right now with the latest iOS 17 features.

not boring: The non-boring apps, which include Emotions, Weather, Habits, Calculator and Time, have interactive widgets on the home screen and standby support. Your iPhone home screen will no longer look boring.

Kinder line: The best fitness tracker app that helps you improve your lifestyle habits without overtraining, now supports both standby mode and interactive widgets. You can monitor Go Gentler’s suggestions and/or your current fitness status or start a Go Gentler workout directly from the home screen of your iPhone.

reckless: The best app for tracking your flights or your friends’ flights, Flighty now supports standby mode. Through this, you can see your flight status and time at your bedside or when a friend reaches their destination.

Position: Helps you improve your posture while wearing AirPods. It adds an interactive widget to start tracking your status from the home screen and supports standby mode.

Cardiobot: The heart rate monitor now adds a host of health-related widgets while also adding standby mode support.

Image source: RainViewer

Rain viewer: This app gives you very accurate forecasts straight from the weather radar. iOS 17 update adds Live Dynamic Activities and Dynamic Widgets.

blame me: The perfect company for anyone who wants to be in harmony with the sun. You can add a sun event countdown widget, daylight dial widget, or moon widget with iOS 17. It also has interactive widget support so you can schedule notifications for sun events right from the home screen.

Carrot: The best third-party weather app available, CARROT also added interactive widgets for those using iOS 17. The app also focused on the watchOS 10 redesign with custom data points, the ability to tap on any section to see more details, and a toolbar at the top to show Weather maps or your saved locations.

a plan: Plan your day or create smart lists with this app. With support for interactive widgets in iOS 17, you can check items off your list or use standby mode.

Look for: One of the best options for English learners and word lovers has also got support for the latest iOS 17 features.

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