The Crew Motorfest review – amazing at times

Review information

Platform reviewed: PS5
Available on:
PS5, PS4, Xbox Series
release date:
September 14, 2023

crew car festival, The third entry in Ubisoft’s open-world racer series, it differs significantly from previous installments. Instead of racing through a condensed approximation of the entire United States, Motorcycle festival You’re moving towards a more focused approach, introducing Hawaii State as your new playground. It’s the quality over quantity approach that helps Motorcycle festival The map looks vibrant and rich in detail.

Enjoy a fantastic variety of events, including everything from Japanese street racing cars to motorcycle road trips, and Motorcycle festival Really full of surprises. In many ways, Al Crew Car Festival It’s close to being a Forza Horizon 5 rival. Unfortunately, there are a lot of small frustrations here that all add up to ultimately provide a somewhat unpolished experience.

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