The London weather forecast shows temperatures will rise to the hottest day in weeks in the heatwave

The heatwave is set to continue into September with the hottest day for weeks expected very soon. According to the Met Office, temperatures in London could reach 31°C in the coming days.

This comes after the discovery of high pressure in the southeast of the United Kingdom. It is believed that the scorching temperatures will start to decrease gradually as we approach the weekend.

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London is beautiful in the sun(Photo: Henry Nicholls/AFP via Getty Images)

London weather forecast

The Met Office reported that today (September 5) would see “any early haze and the haze will soon clear resulting in another dry day with extended periods of sunshine”. It is very warm inland but a fresh breeze moderates the temperatures, especially along the coast. The maximum temperature is 31 degrees Celsius.

Moving into tonight, it will still be clear for many, but some isolated areas of low clouds and fog and haze develop throughout the night to give an murky start to some. Staying very warm and hydrated. The minimum temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow (September 6) will be very hot. The Met Office says: “Any early fog and low cloud burns quickly through the morning, then dries up and becomes hot again. Lighter winds. Max temp 32C.

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