The Met Office issues new weather warnings across the UK today due to heavy rain and travel chaos as map shows places where flooding could occur.

  • Two yellow weather warnings have been issued today with flooding expected

The Met Office issued new weather warnings this morning with more heavy rain and flooding expected across Britain, as commuters face travel chaos.

The forecaster issued a yellow warning for Wednesday, after more than a month’s rain fell in 24 hours on Sunday, bringing an end to the country’s record heatwave.

A map showed that heavy rains will affect Wales and northern England, and rain is expected to fall between 150 and 200 mm over 36 hours in some areas.

The warning is in place from 6am this morning and will remain in place until 6pm tomorrow. The forecaster said: “At times heavy rainfall will affect many parts of the UK on Tuesday and Wednesday. The heaviest and most persistent rain during this period is expected to affect the highlands of northwest England, northwest Wales and south Wales.

“This weekend’s severe thunderstorms and heavy rain, and their associated impacts, represent a transition between last week’s heat and the Atlantic-dominated weather in the forecast for next week,” Chief Meteorologist Steve Wellington said.

Met Office maps show heavy rain set to hit part of the country with yellow weather warnings remaining in place for some
Temperatures will remain mild up and down the country, ranging from 11°C to 19°C further south
Manchester: A woman braced for heavy rain this morning and faced strong winds in Manchester city centre
BRIGHTON: Huge waves hit Brighton Marina this morning as strong winds and rain continue to batter parts of Britain
Dorset: Storms have broken out at Chesil Beach in Portland this morning, creating huge waves
CAMBRIDGE: Heavy rain yesterday ended a long heatwave, leaving people drowning
New Haven: Coastal storms are expected in some parts of the country today with a yellow weather warning remaining in place
Storms are expected on the northwest coast, with some winds reaching 40-45 mph at times.
The Meteorological Service warned of heavy rain in Wales and northern England, with travel disruption and floods expected.

While bright spells are expected in some parts of the South, others are at risk for strong coastal storms, with some winds reaching 40-45 mph.

Across the country, the Environment Agency has issued 11 flood warnings, including for parts of the Humber Estuary, River Severn and River Meese.

Later in the week, the Meteorological Service expected heavy rain and thunderstorms in some places during Thursday and Friday.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist David Oliver said: “Although the forecast contains the potential for further thundery showers later in the week, they are not expected to be as large as those seen over the weekend, but some localized impacts should be expected.” .

Over the weekend, Britons can expect to see a mix of sunny spells and heavy rain, with temperatures remaining cool.

Britain’s mini-heatwave is drawing to a close with thunderstorms and heavy rain at the end of an Atlantic storm.

Britain is exposed to the remnants of Hurricane Lee, which struck the northeastern United States and Canada with winds reaching 70 miles per hour at the weekend.

After temperatures reached 28C (82F) in central London on Saturday, meteorologists say we have now seen the “last gasps” of summer and face two weeks of volatile weather.

Shocking footage shows a house (pictured) in Corfe Fallin, Dorset, being struck by lightning in the early hours of this morning before the house went up in flames.
There was a “loud explosion” and a flash of white light as the £400,000 house took a direct hit in the tiled roof.

A massive clean-up operation took place yesterday after monsoon-like conditions hit parts of the southwest on Sunday, causing flash floods.

Exeter Airport was forced to close – with all flights canceled – while landslides elsewhere closed roads, including the M5.

A Butlin’s holiday park was forced to close for four days after torrential rain caused extensive damage when it soaked the roof and left rooms under water.

The place can accommodate 7,500 people The 165-acre site will remain closed until Friday when repairs can be made.

A Butlin’s spokesman said: “We have made the difficult decision to close due to many important venues being affected by the weather.”

Shocking footage showed a house in Corfe Fallin, Dorset, being struck by lightning in the early hours of this morning before the house went up in flames. There was a “loud explosion” and a flash of white light as the £400,000 house suffered a direct hit in the tiled roof.

Thirty firefighters rushed to the residential area of ​​Corfe Mullen, near Poole, Dorset, at 12.10am today to tackle the blaze which had spread to a neighboring house.

The only two residents of the two properties, one a young woman and the other a middle-aged woman, were awakened by the sound of the thump during last night’s thunderstorms.

Six crews fought for two and a half hours to put out the inferno. They remained at the scene for another three hours as a precaution.

Neighbor Warren Windbank, 47, a graphic designer, said: “I saw the ceiling on fire and didn’t know if anyone was inside.”

“The door was open so I looked inside but the tiles started falling from the ceiling and it looked like it was about to collapse so I got out of there.”

Another neighbor said: “I was in my room and heard a huge explosion, which made me panic.

“I ran outside but there was no sign of a fire, so I went back to my apartment. But five minutes later I saw black smoke, so I looked out the window and saw the house on fire.

“I went out and saw the front door of the house open, so I shouted ‘Is there anyone?’ and a woman said she went out.”

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