The new Google Weather UI keeps the “Froggy” but looks more professional

We told you early last month that Google Weather was getting a Material You makeover. While the new Google Weather app has not yet been rolled out to phones, the tech journalist says Mishal Rahman He managed to make it appear on his Pixel phone. how? He says this was “enabled by spoofing system characteristics to make the Google app think it’s running on a Pixel Tablet.”
The old Google Weather app was a cartoon app that starred a Google Weather Frog named “Froggy.” Three tabs at the top of the page allow users to see the weather for “today,” “tomorrow,” and over the next “10 days.” The new look for Google Weather removes tabs and displays hourly forecasts for the current day and 10-day forecasts on the same page.
Scrolling down, the user will be able to see how fast the wind is blowing at the moment, humidity, UV Index (which measures the sun’s radiation and guides you when it comes to applying sunscreen), and barometric pressure. Scrolling down a bit will show the sunrise and sunset of the day. Hourly details for precipitation, wind and humidity can be viewed by clicking on the three tabs at the top of the Hourly Details section.

You can also drill down into each day of the 10-day weather forecast to see the expected high and low temperatures, hourly forecasts, maximum winds, maximum UV rays, average humidity, and sunrise and sunset for each of those 10 days. There’s also good news for “Froggy” fans. And while the amphibian animation no longer gets a full page, it does get about a quarter of the screen at the top of the app.

It’s unclear when Google will roll this out to Android phones, and as Rahman points out, there’s always a possibility that the new UI will be limited to Pixel phones even though the new Google Weather is part of the Google app. To add the weather UI to your Android phone, open the Google app. Under the search bar, scroll the carousel until you see Local Weather and then tap it to see a miniature version of the weather UI under the Weather/Day heading. To the right of this title you will see an icon with three dots. Click on it.

Once you tap on the three dots, a pop-up will appear saying “Add to Home Screen”. Tap on it and you will be able to add the Google Weather icon to your home screen. Although the update has not arrived yet, clicking on the icon will open a full page of the Google Weather interface.

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