The Northeast faces a rough ride Thursday morning due to snow and ice generated by a fast-moving clipper system

The Northeast faces a rough ride Thursday morning due to snow and ice generated by a fast-moving clipper system

The trailing end of a fast-moving clipper system brings some rain and gusty winds to the Northeast on Tuesday, but a second system is hot in its wake and could produce some wintry weather that could cause problems during Thursday’s morning commute.

What affected millions in the Northeast Tuesday morning is linked to a storm system that caused severe weather in Michigan and the Great Lakes region Monday morning. Thunderstorms gusted through the area at about 50 mph and some severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for storms producing hail.

The second system enters the United States on Tuesday

A second clipper system made its way into the United States Tuesday morning, bringing some rain and mixed rain to parts of Montana and North Dakota in the northern tier.

Some thunderstorms are possible as the system rotates through the area but nothing like what was seen in Michigan Monday morning and into the afternoon hours.

The system will then make its way into the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region by Tuesday evening into Wednesday.

What is Alberta Clipper?

By Tuesday night, snow and rain will move into the Great Lakes region. Snow is likely to fall across northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, including cities like Marquette, but totals will not amount to much. Meanwhile, cities in the southern half of those states such as Milwaukee and Detroit will see some rain.

The system will continue to advance eastward on Wednesday, with some snow expected to continue in parts of northern Michigan and across the Great Lakes into parts of western New York State.

An icy Thursday morning commute is possible in the Northeast

“Now, on Thursday, there may be a little twist in the weather story,” FOX Weather meteorologist Britta Merwin said. “There are some cooler things in this system, and they will combine with the heat.”

With this flow of warm, cold air producing a few inches of snow northward, this could be the perfect setup for freezing rain.

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That could make for a dangerous morning commute on Thursday for millions in the Northeast.

How to measure ice accumulation

“I think we know how to handle the snow,” FOX Weather meteorologist Michael Estime said. “But when it comes to the sleet element, especially on bridges, overpasses, ramps and off-road, even a little bit of glass, maybe a tenth of an inch, can really cause problems.

The highest ice accumulation is expected across inland New York State, but riders throughout New England, including Vermont, New Hampshire, western Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut, should be aware of their driving conditions Thursday morning while traveling on roads and highways in the area. .

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