The rainy weather in Las Vegas is expected to clear up in time for the Super Bowl

The rainy weather in Las Vegas is expected to clear up in time for the Super Bowl

  • Rainfall continues intermittently throughout the day on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Rain chances decrease on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but remain at 30 to 40 percent
  • Driving conditions in the Spring Mountains will be difficult, with 2 to 4 feet of snow expected and high winds on the roads.
  • Skies finally clear on Saturday and Sunday, just in time for Super Bowl LVIII.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Despite a few hours of sunshine, the weather in Las Vegas has been positively gloomy over the past week — and it’s expected to stay that way for several days.
The good news is that forecasters expect the skies to clear in time for football fans to take to the streets during Super Bowl weekend.

Scattered precipitation comes from an atmospheric river — like a river of evaporating moisture in the sky — that moves into the western United States from the Pacific Ocean.

This has brought a river of moisture Intermittent rainfall Over the past week, however Nothing copious As we usually see during monsoons.

The same can’t be said for other parts of the West Coast — especially California — where a week of torrential rain has caused serious problems for residents and sent local governments into emergency preparations.

So, how long does the rain last? Heavy rain will continue until Tuesday, and some rain is expected until Friday.

Channel 13 meteorological forecast Rain showers throughout the day on MondayRainfall in the valley is expected to exceed a quarter of an inch.

Conditions will remain mostly cloudy overnight Monday, with a brief break in the humidity before dark Rain returns across Clark County on Tuesday.

About 0.20 inches of rain is expected Tuesday morning into early evening — where the majority of the atmospheric rain system is expected to head east of Las Vegas, Freeing the valley from increased chances of rainfall.

While the residents of the valley endure a wet and rainy start to the week, Mount Charleston and Lee Canyon will receive 2 to 4 feet of snow. Driving conditions at those higher elevations will be difficult, with 55 mph wind gusts and snowfall expected.

the There is still a chance of additional light showers In the valley on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Rainfall ranging between 30 to 40 percent is expected throughout the three days. Daytime temperatures will remain cooler, in the low to mid 50s.

Weather conditions are expected to finally improve on Saturday and Sunday.

Includes forecasts for both days Dry weather, with more sun than clouds is expected.

The high is approaching 55 degrees The big game is expected to start Sunday afternoon under partly cloudy skies.

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