The sky fell on Monday. literally. Billions of gallons of rain fell on San Diego – NBC 7 San Diego

The sky fell on Monday.  literally.  Billions of gallons of rain fell on San Diego – NBC 7 San Diego

Heavy rain fell in just six hours on Monday, as it usually does in three months.

Sound like a lot? So, how much rain did San Diego get that day? That’s a staggering 2.73 inches, when we usually get about 2 inches on average throughout the entire month of January. It was the city’s wettest day in January, according to records dating back to 1850. Of course, Monday was just the latest insult in three days of rain, starting Saturday.

Rough calculations show that more than 150 billion gallons of water fell on San Diego County over three days, most of it within a period of three to six hours, said Ryan Mau, a former chief scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In an email to The Associated Press. He said the city’s sewage channels and infrastructure were unable to handle such a deluge.

“The rates and duration of rainfall…overwhelmed the ability of the urban and natural interface to redirect water to the ocean, especially with large amounts of it also falling inland at high altitudes,” Mao said.

It was the fourth wettest day ever in the history of weather measurements in San Diego, according to the National Weather Service.

San Diego has received more rain in the past three days than it has in the past three months combined. In fact, the three-day total is nearly double the previous three months.

Before the storm, forecasts called for an inch of rain on the coast and twice that in the mountains.

The unprecedented floods and damage led to the declaration of states of emergency throughout the province.

Map showing precipitation totals across San Diego County on January 22, 2024. (National Weather Service)

So, how much did you fall into your house?

Rainfall totals for four days through Tuesday morning

All data is consistent with the NWS in San Diego, which you can access here.

San Diego

  • Kearney Mesa 3.34 inches
  • Point Loma 4.50 inches
  • Montgomery field 3.01 inches
  • San Diego International Airport 3.32 inches
  • Lake Miramar 2.85 inches

South Bay

  • National City 4.25 inches
  • Brown field 2.64 inches
  • Chula Vista 2.02 inches
  • Mount Otay Ore 5.38 inches
  • San Miguel Raw 2.53 inches

North County

  • Carlsbad 3.15 inches
  • Encinitas 3.10 inches
  • Circumference 2.76 inches
  • Width 2.61 inches
  • Escondido 2.72 inches
  • Poway 2.47 inches
  • North Way 2.74 inches

East County

  • Sante 3.50 inches
  • Fallbrook 3.44 inches
  • Ramona 2.17 inches
  • Bonsall 3.12 inches
  • Dulzura top 4.11 inches
  • Deer Springs 2.68 inches
  • The table is 4.76 inches
  • Barona 2.29 inches
  • Ramona 2.17 inches

Mountains of San Diego County

  • Alpine 3.01 inches
  • SD real estate diagonal is 2.15 inches
  • A pass 2.42 inches
  • Julienne 2.80 inches
  • MT Laguna 2.79 inches

The Associated Press contributed to this report – Mr. Dr.

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