The temperature in San Antonio is expected to stay below 100 degrees all week

With temperatures reaching triple digits almost every day this summer, it’s been a long time since we’ve had an entire week where temperatures failed to reach 100 degrees. This is possible this week as high pressure moves toward the west and a cold front moves from the north. However, there is still some uncertainty about how “cool” we will get in San Antonio.

Although triple-digit heat is not expected, let’s not kid ourselves. It will still be hot on Monday. Temperatures will start comfortably in the mid 70s Monday morning, but will rise significantly throughout the day. We’ll reach the low 90s by noon, and high temperatures are expected to reach nearly 98 degrees by 4 p.m.

The reason temperatures are a little lower is because high pressure is moving west and centered over northern Mexico. This slight chance is expected to keep temperatures in the upper 90s while providing a slight chance of rain and storms. Unfortunately, the precipitation will be isolated in nature, and the City of San Antonio is only forecasting 10-20 percent rainfall.

Midweek forecast

As we approach the middle of the week, a cold front is expected to move through the center of the state. Recent weather models show that the front will likely stall north of San Antonio, putting cold air a little out of reach. High temperatures are expected to remain slightly above average in the mid to upper 90s through Thursday.

Some weather models are moving forward a little faster, moving through San Antonio by Wednesday. If that happens, temperatures could drop several more degrees, perhaps into the upper 80s. I bet we’ll all be crossing our fingers for that.

There are slight daily chances of rain and storms as well. However, the odds are only 20 percent, and will be revised when weather models start to come to better agreement later in the week.

Weekend forecast

By Friday and Saturday, there is better model agreement that the front will finally advance and deliver another drop in temperature. Temperatures can rise into the upper 80s to low 90s, but how cold we get will depend on the exact location of the cold front. If you move south, cooler weather can be expected in San Antonio.

This is also when rain chances are highest for San Antonio. It is still too early to expect total rainfall by Friday and Saturday, but chances will rise to about 40 to 50 percent by the end of the week.

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