The weather in Brazil continues to be the biggest driver

The weather in Brazil continues to be the biggest driver

Temperatures rose significantly in the northern Plains this weekend and caused much of the snow to melt, although some remained over northeastern North Dakota where field work will be slow. There will be some disturbances this week, with mixed rain and continued difficulties in completing remaining field work.

Rainfall forecast in the Delta region

It was dry in the Delta over the weekend. A front will come in late this week with scattered showers. That will only ease the drought slightly, but rainfall farther north could continue to help water levels in the lower Mississippi River, which has seen good rises over the past week, but far from normal flow. Drought also continues to have a major impact.

Central Brazil is drier, and southern Brazil is humid again

Southern Brazil finally got a break from heavy rain this weekend, but it won’t last long as another system moves in later this week and the weekend with the potential for more heavy rain that will exacerbate flooding and moisture issues for the remaining wheat crop as well. Such as growing corn and soybeans. Central areas got a good boost in precipitation coverage last week, but that has moved north for this week. Occasional rain over the weekend will be well below normal in coverage and intensity, bringing back more concerns about the soybean crop as planting is slow. This may lead to problems with the safrinha crop later in the season.

Increased rainfall in Argentina

A system will move across Argentina with scattered showers on Tuesday and Wednesday, while another system will move through Friday into this weekend. Precipitation should be beneficial for most areas as the weather continues to take a positive turn for corn and soybeans.

More showers for Europe

Wave after wave of rain has moved across Europe over the past two weeks, largely eliminating any dry areas outside the far southeast, but those areas have also seen some beneficial rain as well. Above-normal temperatures were also positive for winter wheat growth. The same pattern continues throughout this week and next week as well.

Warmth and occasional rain of the Black Sea

Showers will move across the Black Sea region over the next week, which should be beneficial. With temperatures continuing to remain above normal, all the rain will be beneficial for winter wheat growth before the crop goes dormant later this month.

Showers for eastern Australia

Scattered showers and areas of heavy rainfall will continue in eastern Australia for most of the week as a hot and dry El NiƱo pattern stalls. Rainfall is too late for winter wheat and canola and will hamper the harvest instead. In return, the rains will benefit the cultivation and establishment of cotton and sorghum. Drought elsewhere is not suitable for all crops.

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