There could be a thundery weekend coming – Met Office

The UK is seeing a change to an increasingly wet and possibly thundery picture over the weekend, especially on Sunday, with national severe weather warnings possible.

There is an increased possibility of some disturbed weather across the UK this weekend as humid air moves north across the UK bringing with it the risk of thunderstorms.

On Saturday, the weather front weakens the country, with conditions being cold in the north while the southern regions remain mostly dry with some sunshine and a feeling of warmth thanks to moist air and light winds. Even during Saturday, there is a threat of some rain forming in the south and west, with the possibility of a strange rumbling. However, these are expected to be somewhat limited in scope with some concentration in the southwest.

Chance of disturbance from thunderstorms

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Rebecca Sherwin said: “A noticeable change in our weather is taking place into Saturday evening with increasingly humid air moving in from the south bringing thunderstorms and heavy rain. These heavy showers and thunderstorms will spread across much of the UK during Sunday with no place immune from the chance of seeing them.

“Some heavy rain may lead to impacts on the transport network, and with thunderstorms possible in some places, temporary power outages are possible. There is also a risk of hail and strong winds in some places. Severe weather warnings will likely be issued.” With increased confidence in areas likely to be affected. Stay informed about the weather in your area, as forecasts can change quickly.

Further forward

This humid and thundery air mass will be pushed away to the east on Monday as further spells of rain move across the UK from the west.

Beyond that, we are starting to see the impact of Atlantic hurricanes on the UK outlook. Hurricane Lee, which will affect the northeastern United States and eastern Canada in the short term, is likely to move into a regular area of ​​low pressure as it returns to the Atlantic Ocean early next week. By this stage, it will have lost its cyclone characteristics because sea surface temperatures are not high enough for it to persist, although it will likely bring a spell of typically wet and windy autumn weather to the UK midweek. Beyond that the forecast becomes more uncertain, but further periods of wet and occasionally windy weather look likely.

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