This will be the coolest weekend in San Antonio in over three months

If you love spending time outside come the weekend, it’s hard to do so when the temperature reaches 105 degrees. But we have some good news. Although this weekend will still be very warm, it will also be the coolest San Antonio has seen since mid-June. Instead of triple-digit heat, temperatures will rise into the upper 80s and lower 90s, depending on precipitation.

Saturday forecast

Temperatures will depend greatly on whether we see rain in San Antonio on Saturday. First, there is a small chance of a few showers and weak storms in the morning, but it looks like most areas will remain dry at this time.

There will be a moderate chance of rain and storms in San Antonio from Saturday morning through the afternoon. Some storms can produce strong winds.

Axial weather

If we miss the first round, more rain chances are possible through Saturday afternoon as a band of storms moves in from West Texas. Some weather models predict the storms will move into South Texas by 2 to 4 p.m., while others show the storms dissipating before they reach the Alamo City. Because of the uncertainty, overall storm chances are only 30 to 40 percent. Many areas will unfortunately remain dry.

If storms occur, high temperatures will be much cooler and some areas may reach the upper 80s. However, drier locations will likely see temperatures rise into the low 90s. This is still colder than every weekend since mid-June, but it’s still a warm day nonetheless.

Temperatures will be very similar or even a degree or two hotter on Sunday. However, today will not be exceptionally hot, with highs reaching just 92 to 94 degrees across South Texas. Rain chances will decrease significantly as well, as partly sunny skies will allow for great weather for spending time outdoors in San Antonio.

Look at next week

Weather models agree that a calmer weather pattern is expected as we head into next week. This is because a high pressure center in Mexico is accumulating northward in south Texas. It is expected that the sky will be sunny in most directions, and temperatures will be higher than average throughout the week.

High temperatures will likely rise to between 92 and 96 degrees each day next week. Average temperatures this time of year are in the high 80s, so we’ll stay well above that.

Maybe that’s not what you want to hear, but the bright side is that temperatures aren’t expected to reach triple digits, which is still possible even at this time of year.

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