Today’s NFL weather: Breaking down Week 10 predictions, what the report means for fantasy football lineups, and betting

Today’s NFL weather: Breaking down Week 10 predictions, what the report means for fantasy football lineups, and betting

We’ve reached Week 10 of the NFL season. The teams are more than the halfway point of the season, and this week marks the final international game of the year as the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts face off in Germany. With 14 games on this week’s schedule, let’s take a look at what weather forecasts are expected around the league.

All forecasts are provisional and provided by AccuWeather.

Worst weather games

Carolina Panthers against. Chicago Bears (Thursday Night Football)

When it comes to the worst weather, you’re looking for rain or wind. There is a 1% chance of rain at this game, but winds are expected to consistently blow at 16 mph with gusts possibly higher. Otherwise, it’s just a cold game.

Washington leaders against. Seattle Seahawks

This may be a rainy day in Seattle. There is an 85% chance of rain, but the hope is that it will mainly be early and not affect the game itself.

The best weather games

Green Bay Packers against. Pittsburgh Steelers

The high temperature for today is 50, and the low is 31. The chance of rain is 10%, and it will be partly sunny. Winds at seven miles per hour.

houston texas against. Cincinnati Bengals

The weather description says: “Times of clouds and sun; A great afternoon of football. That pretty much sums it up though with a 13% chance of rain.

Tennessee Titans against. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Florida in the fall. High 88 with plenty of sun. There is a 25% chance of rain, but it should be dry for the remainder of the match.

San Francisco 49ers against. Jacksonville Jaguars

The 49ers are traveling cross-country but should still see good weather. The high will reach 71, with a 25% chance of rain. Winds are expected to blow at 13 mph, which is a bit worrying, but otherwise a good day for football.

Cleveland Browns against. Baltimore Ravens

There is only an 8% chance of rain with 7 mph winds. The high for today is 53, and the weather is expected to be mostly sunny.

Denver Broncos against. Buffalo Bills

There is a 43% chance of rain on Monday, but rain is only expected to fall in the early morning. There is a minimum of 39 with six mph winds, but it should at least dry out by game time.

Sweet home dome

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots (Frankfurt, Germany)

New Orleans Saints against. Minnesota Vikings

Atlanta Falcons against. Arizona Cardinals

Detroit Lions against. Los Angeles Chargers

New York Giants against. Dallas Cowboys

New York Jets against. las vegas raiders

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