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As the coursework begins to improve, many students gradually neglect life’s simple pleasures. The Daily Texan has compiled a list of some of the most convenient places to eat dessert because part of those pleasures include a one-time treat.

the banana

2420 Guadalupe Street

A frozen banana dipped in chocolate, drizzled with cream and topped with sprinkles – the perfect combination to satisfy a sweet tooth. Founded by a UT alumnus, Bananarchy has a variety of flavors and combinations guaranteed to satisfy any craving. Located in Space 24 Twenty, Bananarchy Restaurant offers weekly specials and vegetarian options, leaving people constantly wanting.

Thinner cookies

2323 San Antonio Street

Known for their warm cookies and delicious ice cream, Insomnia Cookies are the perfect late night treat. From a chocolate bar to a vegan birthday cake, every bite melts in a person’s mouth. When combined with one of our various ice cream flavors, Insomnia Cookies create dessert on a whole new level. It’s a dessert staple for students, and its taste underscores why it’s served at more than 200 locations nationwide on campus.

East Coast ice

2538 Guadalupe Street

The high temperature can’t compete with this Italian ice facility. With so many creamy and sweet flavours, every palate is guaranteed a visit to Cloud 9. The food truck on the corner, although hard to spot, is even harder to leave. East Coast Ices also offers a flavor of the month, currently peach, and rotates based on popularity. When you need a break from the heat, stop by to enjoy authentic summer fun.

TCBY (best yogurt in the country)

303 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

From soft frozen yogurt to cakes and pies, TCBY has it all. This satisfyingly sweet frozen yogurt comes in more than 20 flavors, each one superior to the next. Open for over 20 years, the name speaks for itself. With friendly faces greeting customers at the door and frozen yogurts ranging from watermelon sorbet to chewy brownie, TCBY ranks from hard to over.

GB Pancake Company

2513 Rio Grande Blvd

Top-notch service and a delicious, unique treat all wrapped into one meal, JP’S Pancake Company puts a unique twist on breakfast and also offers a delicious treat called “Bevo Bourbon Biscoff.” Warm caramel covered pie Layer with homemade bourbon cookie butter, bacon and a drizzle of chocolate syrup It turns into an explosion of flavor at the first bite. Anyone looking for a dessert to satisfy their cravings should head straight to these pies.

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