Tracking reported outages amid Hurricane Lee

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Parts of eastern New England and Canada were under tropical storm warnings Friday as Hurricane Lee headed toward the region as a Category 1 hurricane.

The system threatened to bring a mixed bag of threats to coastal Maine. Ocean waves up to 20 feet high can pound the coast, damaging structures and causing erosion; Strong wind gusts can topple trees weakened by a wet summer; The rain could cause flash flooding in an area where the soil is already saturated, said Louise Foody, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Maine.

Forecasters said Lee had maximum sustained winds of 85 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center, and was moving north on a path that could make landfall in Nova Scotia as a tropical storm on Saturday.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills on Thursday declared a state of emergency as the state was under its first tornado watch in 15 years Thursday afternoon. Earlier in the week, the area saw 10 inches of rain over a six-hour period.

The Coast Guard and emergency management agencies warned New Englanders to be prepared, and utility companies sent reinforcements to deal with power outages. At Boothbay Harbor Marina in Maine, the community came together to remove boats from the water to keep them out of harm’s way.

“It’s a busy day,” owner Kim Gillis said Thursday.

“The worst conditions will occur on Cape Cod late Friday night and Saturday, as Lee tracks more than 100 miles to the east Saturday morning,” AccuWeather hurricane expert Dan Kotlowski told USA TODAY Friday.

Stay up to date on power outages throughout New Hampshire with this power outage map.

Hurricane Lee live updates: Millions in New England are under storm warnings as landfall approaches

Maine power outage map

Predict the path of Hurricane Lee

This forecast track shows the most likely path of the storm’s center, but does not show the full width of the storm or its effects. The center of the storm is likely to move outside the cone up to 33% of the time.

Hurricane Lee Spaghetti Models

Spaghetti modeling illustrations include a range of forecasting tools and models, and not all of them are created equal. The Hurricane Center uses the four or five top-performing models to help make its forecasts.

Contributing: Christopher Kahn, Max Sullivan and Crystal Nurse, USA TODAY

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