Travelers are preparing for the busiest travel days as Thanksgiving approaches

Travelers are preparing for the busiest travel days as Thanksgiving approaches

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – There will be a lot of hugs, airport bags and full gas tanks this Thanksgiving travel season.

There will be some who stay close to their loved ones.

“I’m going home to Orange County for Thanksgiving and the holidays,” traveler Merrick Green told ABC 10News.

Some go far.

“I’m headed to Tampa, actually,” said Anthony Jackson, who is traveling to Florida.

“I’m going to Boston, Massachusetts,” said another traveler.

A large number of people are expected to travel this holiday season. “Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as Sunday and Monday, are expected to be the busiest not only on the roads but also at the airports,” said Anneline Venegas, a spokeswoman for AAA Southern California. “.

For the San Diego area, the number of travelers on Thanksgiving will break the record for the second year in a row, AAA Southern California said.

With 4.6 million Southern Californians taking a trip this holiday, some appeared able to overcome frustrating travel times at the airport on Monday.

“Pricing is one thing, which is crazy. I’ve traveled during the hot holiday season, and it wasn’t the best move ever,” Jackson said. “It’s just working out better going forward. As it stands now, you see how it is. It will be much worse during the holiday season.

But some were not so lucky.

“I actually tried to change my flight because I heard it was supposed to be very crowded. Then, I couldn’t get it because a lot of airlines no longer allow as much preparation,” said Jayden Wilson, who is flying to Oregon.

For those who don’t travel, be prepared to find ways to beat the traffic.

“It will be Wednesday sometime after work when I will go,” said Brianna Bushnell, who also travels to Orange County. “I try to leave a little late in the evening, a little late in the evening, like seven or eight, hoping the traffic will go down.”

And with fuel prices down, especially since San Diego County gas prices are 50 cents cheaper than they were a month ago and about 20 cents lower than they were a year ago, people may be able to breathe a little easier when taking those holiday road trips.

“Well, now, yeah. Maybe a few weeks ago, not so much. But it’s a little better now,” Bushnell said.

“Ultimately, people will travel because they need to travel, or because they want to. So, I think gas prices are bad, but people will do what they have to do,” Green said.

If you’re hitting the roads, the earlier you leave the better on Tuesday and Wednesday, AAA Southern California told ABC 10News.

Also, if you leave anytime after 6 or 7 at night, you’ll be in good shape when you start your Turkey Day travels.

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