Traveling from Houston next week? This is when the cold front arrives

Traveling from Houston next week?  This is when the cold front arrives

The weather oscillates between cool weekends and warmer weekdays throughout November, and Houston’s weather has flipped again this week and we’re not done warming up again yet. Temperatures are expected to continue to rise through Friday before the next cold front hits Houston early next week.

Traffic may slow Thursday morning in the Houston metro due to patchy fog before 8 a.m. before skies turn partly sunny. Thanks to a high pressure system to the west, temperatures across Southeast Texas will reach seasonal highs in the low 70s amid brisk northerly winds around 5 mph. More clouds will roll in overnight but low temperatures heading into Friday morning will remain in the upper 50s.

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Let’s take a closer look at the role high atmospheric pressure plays in providing sunny skies. All the air above us creates pressure that can fluctuate daily even without large-scale weather events. Some air masses exert a higher pressure than the surrounding air masses. Winds usually blow from areas of high to low pressure.

In a high pressure system, air descends toward the ground and tends to prevent clouds from growing large enough to produce rain. This results in mostly sunny skies and warmer weather, especially in the summer. The heat dome we talked about so much this summer was thanks to a large high-pressure dome high up that barely moved. If you enjoyed the sunshine on Wednesday, you will enjoy Thursday thanks to high pressure.

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Temperatures this weekend will generally be in the mid to upper 70s, which is seasonally warm for this time of year. Overnight lows will range from the mid 50s north of Houston to the upper 50s near and south of Houston. Sunny skies will gradually give way to clouds and rain chances later this weekend before the next cold front.

Rain is falling on Sunday

If you’re looking to get outside this weekend, the weather will almost certainly be dry on Saturday and looks good for going hiking, barbecuing, or getting holiday decorations outdoors.

A cold front will approach southeast Texas by Sunday, and that could bring spotty rain and maybe even some thunder. Although there is a slight chance of rain near Houston, it looks like the second half of the weekend will see more dry time than wet time. If you are traveling east of Houston or north of Houston, rain chances are expected to gradually increase through Sunday evening. More rain is expected to arrive by Monday.

A cold front brings rain leading up to Thanksgiving

Similar to last Monday, next Monday could be a bit rainy, thanks to an advancing cold front. There are still some inconsistencies in the forecast models, adding to the uncertainty about how quickly the cold front will move. Based on the latest guidance, a cold front will likely push through Houston on Monday afternoon. Behind the cold front, cool, dry air will creep in through the middle of the week. As northerly winds return, we will see temperatures drop into the lower 40s and lower 50s Tuesday morning.

Thanksgiving is still about a week away, so specific forecast details are still vague. However, an early look at the forecast shows sunny skies and slightly cooler than normal temperatures across much of the Lone Star State.

This radar forecast model depicting Monday morning in Southeast Texas predicts widespread rain as a cold front approaches from the northwest.


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