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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Tuesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Cyberattack prompts MGM Resorts to shut down computer

More than a dozen MGM hotels and casinos were forced to shut down operations due to a cyberattack on their computer systems on Sunday.

The company commented that it is an ongoing problem, but its casino gaming floors remain operational.

“We continue to work hard to resolve this issue.” MGM said in a statement Monday evening.

Some of MGM’s data protection systems have been shut down, and the company has launched an internal investigation.

The senator wants to cap the interest rate at 18% on credit cards

Sen. Josh Hawley plans to introduce legislation that would put an 18% cap on credit card interest rates.

Credit card interest rates averaged more than 24% in September, according to Investopedia.

Credit card debt levels exceeded 1 trillion%. Low- and middle-income Americans are falling behind on their car loans and credit cards, credit agency Equifax reported last week.

1 in 4 college seniors plans to negotiate their first salary

3 in 4 seniors who will graduate next year say they are not sure if they plan to negotiate their starting salaries. Depending on the offer.

According to a survey of Handshake, a social media site for college jobs, students say their main concern is employers rescinding their original offers. Along with concerns that negotiating wages might leave a bad impression.

The remaining 1 in 4 students still “definitely” plan to negotiate.

Stellantis: Progress in UAW talks

A Stellantis executive said the company passed a second economic proposal to the UAW on Monday morning. Describes significant progress over the weekend in negotiations before the contract expires this week.

Shawn Fine, president of the UAW, said he “tempered” the positive review the company sent. He described the pace of talks with the Detroit Three as “moving but very slow.”

The contract expires on Thursday at midnight.

Apple is preparing to unveil a new iPhone and watch them today

Apple is set to debut the new iPhone 15 series, along with several other products today.

The iPhone 15 is expected to come in 4 variants and the Apple brand will move to charging via USB-C. It is also rumored to have 15% longer battery life and faster charging.

Some estimate that the Apple Watch 9 will get new processors and colors. Maybe there is a way to 3D print a watch strap.

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