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Did it rain on you yesterday? Or are you, like me, left exhausted? I’ll tell you one place that saw some rain: Siena and Arcola on the Brazoria/Fort Bend county line. Radar estimates that approximately 7 inches fell west of Interstate 6 and 288 in Arcola.

Rainfall totals since yesterday morning show that most places saw 1.5 inches or less, but there were pockets of higher totals.

Spring, Humble, and Kingwood also received heavy rain at a healthy rate of 1 to 4 inches or so. One storm this way triggered some warnings and produced 46 mph wind gusts at Bush Airport. The 2.19″ at Bush was the most in a single day since we did this (2.18″) on July 6th. The most widespread heavy rain fell across southern Hardin County to the east, back into parts of northern Liberty County.

Anyway, Matt is here today, and thanks to Eric for covering me on a few Fridays recently as I was busy taking care of The Eyewall.

Between Idalia and Lee, we had some things to talk about. Fortunately, the Gulf appears calm for the foreseeable future. I want to thank you all for your support of the site. It’s been fun watching it slowly grow and pick up a few new dedicated followers from places like SoCal, Florida, and the Canadian Maritimes. Please continue to spread the word to your friends and family out of town.


Rome was not built in one day, and drought does not end in one day. usually. But wait, for the third day or so in a row, we have rain chances on the list today. Are the chances of rain high? Not particularly. But expect at least some scattered showers or scattered thunderstorms with heavy rain. The best possibilities may be south and west of Houston. As was the case this week, these heavy rains could accumulate quickly in some areas and cause brief street flooding. We’ll watch to see if a more powerful disturbance may lead to a more organized area of ​​storms sometime later today to deliver more widespread rain. But this is not certain.

We’ll peak in the upper 80s today, maybe 90 or so with at least some scattered showers or storms throughout the day. (NWS Houston)

Clouds will maintain temperatures at checkpoints. With rain, expect temperatures to be in the high 70s to low 80s. With sun, expect temperatures to be around 90 degrees or a little hotter, with plenty of humidity.


Look for distance last A day with chances of rain. Again, a lot of people won’t see anything. But just the fact that we’ve put together several days in a row with rain showers in the area is nice to see again. Anyway, I am He thinks Tomorrow’s precipitation concentration may be south of I-10 or southeast of I-59/I-69 and toward the coast. But we’ll see. Expect morning lows in the 70s and highs around 90 degrees or so.


I’ll go ahead with whatever plans you have on Sunday without worrying too much. There will be a chance of light rain, especially on the coast, with a weak front pushing towards the shore. This should bring the humidity down some and allow us to peak in the low 90s after a morning in the 70s.

next week

The good news is that Sunday’s front will produce a relatively nice morning on Monday and possibly Tuesday. Look for morning lows around 70 or so (with a few spots in the 60s) followed by daytime highs in the 90s.

Monday morning doesn’t necessarily look fresh, but it will be noticeably less humid and a bit cooler with temperatures in the upper 60s to 70s across the region. (axial weather)

Temperatures will return to rising in the middle and end of next week, and we may see rain chances return temporarily. We continue to see almost no sign of a fall cold front over the next 10 to 14 days. So it lasts late summer, perhaps until the end of September.

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